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smarty marker ok

The jacket is up to 686 quality, but my only problem is the loss of the wrist garters. I noticed every 686 jacket that came out this year replaced the under glove over-the-thumb elastic wrist garters with this dinky loop and velcro to "hold the liner sleeve in". The loop ripped on my jacket so the sleeve pulls back, but I'm used to that after 3 previous 686 coats. Now my wrists are freezing like crazy and I'm taking on snow every time I so much as put my hand down on a rough landing. I have considered cutting the wrist garters out of my old coat and sewing them in but I'm lazy. We all need to write 686 letters so next year the coats have wrist garters. My gf ordered a burton and it had them, my boys gf ordered a cheap dc coat that came with the wrist garters, and my boy bought a 686 from last year on sale this year and it still had them. Sucks to buy the best jacket out of the four and have the cold wrists man. Otherwise the jacket is sweet (choc. plaid), get a lot of complements downtown at work and at the resort.