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the price is a little ridiculous for a parkcentric boot with a liner that still needs a lot of work

i'm coming off a season of riding the jeremy jones boot, which i absolutely hated; so anything was bound to be better... i was looking for something with some flex (about a medium flex but definitely more than the jj), but still the right amount of support when needed... this fit the bill, but i'm still pretty iffy about burton's Flex liner series... it's pretty much the same liner from the jj boot with a few tweaks, and i've got to admit that the liner on the jj's sucked arse... the Flex liner is just way too soft to provide anything other than comfort (which will disappear once the mushy foam in them breaks down after riding)... hopefully, the outer on the grail, which is built way more solidly than the jj boot, will help with support and durability... still, i don't see any reasons at all why burton should charge $330 for these... they've really got to work on the Flex liner to make it a lot better in order to justify that kind of price... the other aspects of the boot are great (the air midsole system, the holy shit outsoles, the overall outer build of the boot are all awesome), but the liner really needs to go... hey burton, take a cue from K2, Ride, and Salomon, and go back to the liner drawing board...