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the wheelie sub is the best suitcase ever

i came across the burton wheelie sub after weeks of looking around at the luggage stores in san francisco for an alternative to a hiking backpack for my month-long trip across europe. for many reasons i was opposed to traveling with a backpack, but most of the suitcases i found were either too heavy, hideous, or cost $300 or more.
with a week left before my departure, and ordered this bag from luggage.com. then two days later they told me that it wouldn't arrive for several weeks. i decided to cancel the order and get it here, and the bag was in stock and arrived just in time.

about the bag: it is amazing!!! it looks great, it is lighter than you'd expect, it is EXTREMELY durable. i filled the bag with 50 lbs of crap and dragged it down stairs at the train stations. the skateboard wheels are very strong, and they roll very well over every surface that you encounter on a trip around europe (dirt, gravel, cobblestones, cracks). you can fit endless amounts of stuff into the bag (and i mean ENDLESS) because it stretches in most directions. the feature that allows the bag to zip in half is very very handy... it was useful when we were traveling on trains and the whole bag wouldnt fit in the overhead compartments, or when we had to carry the bag up five floors of european spiral stairs.
the bag really took a beating and came back looking pretty new. my only warning is that if you intend to buy this bag and use it on a cross-continent trip involving train stations, metro stations, and stairs... then make sure that you have a willing travel partner who will carry the other end up the stairs, because elevators are not always available. if you do not have a strong man to help you, then i suggest that you get the wheelie bag that is one size smaller than this one, or else pack very very light.
if you are not huge shoppers, this bag might even be enough space for two for a couple of weeks.