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these boots suck

when i bought these a month ago i saw only one negative review. figured, what the hell and bought them since they were only 90 bucks. 10 days on the mountain, continuously, and they were toast. I went back to my 10 year old ride IO's that i used to consider soft and they felt stiff as hell compared to these. the rivets on the lace protectors ripped out, the orange coating on the top of the outer tongue ripped off, the support was gone, BOTH of the synch cable locking mechanisms broke (theyre chinsy as hell) plus, the way theyre designed, they get loosened every time you flex your ankle. So a 14 day spree on the mountain was too much for these. if you're a causal rider that likes to look good (i got plenty of compliments) buy these. if you're a season pass holder, pass these up. on the other hand, my left foot started hurting so much from my bindings and the lack of boot that i started riding switch for a few days straight. so thats a plus.

oh, for clarity i rode about 4 powder days, 4 days of mashed potatoes and 6 days of park with mainly jibs and butters (the ankle reefers).