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Gear Review

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Start with the positive, sure. Comfy on the inside, top priority in my opinion. Very low profile so you don't look like alien. Lots of holes so your sweat goes up and not all in your face like your going through with-drawls (the reason i got it in the first place). Sick colors available (I went w matt black). All of these qualities worked 5 star.

However it is not a dedicated snow helmet. the problem with that is the ear insulation/padding is not perm attached and constantly comes undone with the slightest helmet adjustment. The goggle strap hook in the back of the helmet slides off waaay to easily, causing problems. Also when you put your goggles on your brow, if it isn't just right, the goggles whip over the lid and dangle on the back of your neck. it really sucks when all of these things happen at the same time. Like it did today.

i think i could perm attach the goggle hook and the ear padding, but if your not willing to bust out the crazy glue, then get the AVID. i used my sons last year and other than a lack of air vent, its grrrrreat.