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ultimate shred stick

I have ridden the 163cm AK about 10 days and this board keeps surprising me with how amazing it is. Whats most surprising is how well it rides for big mountain and hard snow riding in addition to the amazing pow properties. I feel like I could race a boardercross it has such great edge control. I didn't expect this as all because of its odd camber profile appearance. It does all the things a good cambered board should do like hold an edge on ice and at the same time does what a good rockered board should do which is to say you can butter this thing and release the edge easily when you want. I rode it a couple of deep days at The Bird and it shreds pow like would expect. The elongated nose and so called Snake Campber allows the tip of the board to stay on top with little effort. I didn't have to lean back at all in the pow to keep the nose up. Its really fast in the pow and the sintered base held the wax good too. The board also rides switch pretty well. I don't do a ton of swithc riding but I wanted to test it out and rode it backwards quite a bit. It feels a little weird but I felt like i had lots of control on the groomers when riding switch.

ultimate shred stick
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Check out the photo....The end of the board closest to the camera is the tip of the board...lest there be any confusion. This give you a good look at the Snake Camber.