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very happy

well, im not about to complain, i got these on ebay for about $120 new which is definitely a fair price. i see people complaining about the wire making noise and the headphones not being comfortable. i'm not an expensive headphone connoisseur or anything, i'm just coming from some old scool chopper style headhones and a pair of (terribly uncomforable) wesc oboes. i wanted a braided wire and over the ear headphones with pretty good sound quality. I got what i wanted and definitely would recommend these to anyone looking for similar. I find them comfortable, though the leather seems a little thin and soft (i was expecting it to be a bit hardier, thicker and cheaper (which i usually like more)). can't complain. they're great cans. try them out. i'd love to see a pair with a coiled cord come out.

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These headphones are bush, that's bad. I'm on my second pair only because they sent me another one... and they broke almost right away as well, same spot.
While I am a long time fan of Nixon, own a lot of product I have not been please with this product or the service I've received from them. I'm essentially going to keep running around to sites giving this product a negative review because I would hate for someone else to shell out $200+ for these headphones when they will spend more time in the mail to and from repair then they will on your head. Again check the pic on their facebook group.Ya they sounds great but it's worth if they just break? Plus, for the price they should sound good so that kinda goes without saying.

If you want more info as to where they break, check out what happened to me, I posted a pic up on their wall.