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164 Solution in Tahoe BC

The first run of this vid was an early morning tour on the 164 Solution with Karakorams. This split setup rides like a solid one-piece snowboard. Backcountry.com's recommended use is correct (big-mountain, charging spines); it's a stiff board that will perform if you ask her to.

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Sweet run! That must be pretty steep to stay that fast. Where is that exactly? Looks like a place I'd love to ride my T.Rice C2 banana split. I look forward to finally trying a Jones split next year. I love the Nidecker mega and ultra, and this deck looks similar, and features cam rock and my favorite feature is the magne traction on the inside edge. That must make the inside halves un-identical to fit each other, but in tour mode, that would be of no consequence. I'm Jonesing for next year....

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Your video was the factor that made me buy the solution 164, AND the carbon solution with all the mad sales from a bad powder year. There are ALWAYS such haters on line that just want to dis EVERYTHING, so better to leave talk as cheap and watch THIS guy rip shit up at such high speed on the "unstable" solution as I have read. Doesn't look very unstable to me! (I have not yet ridden it myself). Also, others brutally dissed the $300 more for a 200 gram savings buying a carbon solution. Get a job! How much does a good pair of skis cost? hmmm... I say that if a board is worth it's salt, it's worth up to but not more than about a grand, but it better be good for that. You can always find great sales at the end of the year, and spend $600 or so. ALSO, 200 grams is 7 ounces, not 6, and that is HUGE especially board or binding weight, since leverage is involved to throw a heavy deck around all day. Having ridden Nidecker from the start, I know that the carbon decks they make RULE, and love the way the carbon flexes. The fact that Nidecker makes all of Jones's boards was the other largest factor besides this video (and I confess, I shall NEVER rip THAT hard...) that made me decide to purchase both the solution AND the carbon solution. When I get around to riding them, probably next year, I'll tell you what difference there is... I'm sure that the 2 ride VERY different, even with the identical shape. That 7 ounce saving is also HUGE to compensate for the heavier Karakoram set up. Is anyone going to step up to the plate and create BOOTS that split-board and mountaineer with vibram soles, have clip-in crampons, AND eliminate BINDINGS altogether by incorporating the touring hard wear, and attachment hardwear into the boot itself? I'd drop $800 to a grand or more on such boots if they existed... ALSO, universal shovel/ice ax/ski pole shaft that does ALL THREE.... hmmm...

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Thanks Darren! I rode the Carbon Solution a bunch this winter; probably down two of my scariest (iciest) runs ever. The Carbon feels a bit more torsionally stiff, which helped a ton on the blue ice. I'm with ya on the boots, I still haven't found a pair I like. Hope you get some snow soon!