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Make the whole mountain your personal terrain park.

If your idea of a terrain park is 180 cornice drop to cab 540 off windlip to board slide on a fallen tree, the Flow NXT AT Bindings are for you. The AT stands for All-Terrain, and these puppies deliver all over the hill. A ventilated, one-piece nylon highback and a forged aluminum baseplate keep these all-mountain freestyle bindings lightweight, and give you a stiff flex for crucial response when you really need it. If you happen to land that 540 in a bomb hole, the custom-tunable base pads of the NXT AT bindings soften the blow while giving you the board feel to ride away clean in crud. Four locking MINIratchet Buckles on the streamlined I-Flex Powerstrap let you tweak these Flow bindings to fit your boots perfectly, but you'll save time at the top with Flow's rear-entry lever.

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4 5

Good overall

Spent about a season and half in these so far. They take a while to get setup right, and by that I mean at least 4 or 5 days on the mountain to get it all perfect. The key is to keep them a bit loose than what feels right when setting them up but once you're riding it feels perfect. Fantastic for riding in the midwest due to smaller hills, I get a lot more runs in with these - I usually strap in on the lift. Out west I'd say the speed advantage really doesn't pay make a difference, somewhere like jackson hole you get long enough runs it doesn't matter.

Overall, positives: quick to get in, once they're set up don't have to play with much, no pressure points means very comfortable, can rest foot in non-strapped binding while on long lift rides to even weight on feet.

negatives: a bit of a pain to set up, tough to get in if sitting on a downslope full of powder like when hike-riding or backcountry, have to unstrap two straps to pack for traveling (thus making you set up the bindings again)

I think my next set will be back to the normal style since I live out west now but these have treated me really well.

Unanswered Question

are they female or male bindings?

are they female or male bindings?

5 5

Great Binding

Takes a little tweaking to get things set just right but very comfortable & quick after that. I can snap in while riding up the chairlift & ride directly away/down without messing with the bindings at all. No more sit-downs.

I've marked the ratchet teeth at my preferred settings with a "Sharpie" so if I do move something I can readily reset.

Feet feel very secure: no lateral twisting slop; firm front-back support give great edge control. Have helped me learn to carve great turns. Highly recommended.

New York

4 5

Great binding

I love these bindings, they are conveinent to get into and they fit well. I like the adjustabillity of having four straps compared to just two. Like everyone else it seems, on my fourth trip out with these the screw where the highback hinges fell off shortly after I straped in for a run, I went down the mountian a few fet before i noticed it, I walked back up and luckily found the peices. just tightening them before I go out should be enough to prevent this, plus it is just good maintenence. I find that facing up the hill is the quickest way to strap in. The real only annoying thing about the "step in" system is that even if are done in a literal 10 seconds you are still stuck waiting for your friends.

3 5

First time w/ Flows

Was really excited when I got these, figured would go to the local mountains and get them dialed in before my trip to Jackson Hole.

Half way through the day, i finally got the straps where I wanted, deffly takes a little bit to get em perfect. After I was comfortable I went to step in and I had lost two of the screws that hold the top part of strap.

Luckily, I had brought my other board just in case, and my good ol Ride Bindings helped.

The difference in quality of the Flow to Rides are different. The Flows just seem cheaply made compared to my Rides.

3 5

Mixed Bag/Great Service

Used these bindings for one full day before the bolt at the bottom of the hinge broke at the summit, and I had to limp it down with no heelside edge. Liked the comfort and thought the control was acceptable. Traded up (way up) to Burton C60s, which I much prefer in terms of responsiveness, with similar comfort.

Backcountry's customer service on this was, however, nothing short of super. Near immediate refund, with discounted UPS return. These folks do it right. A first rate retail experience, irrespective of problem with bindng.

4 5

Almost Perfect

These bindings are the real deal. Super comfortable and stellar performance make for a hella day on the mountain. I have size 14 clown feet so the adjustable edges make for that much needed extra space to eliminate toe/heel drag when you cut hard into a deep carve. I seriously get compliments on them every time I ride. Only one probelm...I gave them a rating of 4 because on the second day out one of the screws came loose and fell out on my back foot heel where the highbacks pivot so I had to heel side it down on my stomp pad. Nothing a little Loctite can't fix, but still irritating.
Also, I bought the purple color because they look more like a dark blue on the back in the pics but I assure you they are as purple as your nurple. Still a sick ass ride though. There's no going back once you rock a step in.

5 5

dont read other reviews

dont listen to the other reviews that say dont but them ther not faster hard to get into, cant do them up on a hill, break easy and have to be done up tight all thoes are all the oposite IF you ajust them right and its not hard to ajust them right eather. and to do them up on a hill its oviest you look up the hill and dig you edge in and flip up and go. theas are great park bindings great suport and flexy (depending on how ajusted) can be stiff if ajusted right. great for jumps rails stalls. supper fast to do up and light. and the resion all other bindings are 2 strap is they still have it patend
bottom line: great strong bindings and if you are a begine get the Flites still pretty good for park and strong

5 5

Time saved = worth the $$$

Just picked a set of these up and Love Them! Adjusting these properly is key for the first time you take them out. If you don't, getting your boot in and out of the binding won't work quite right. Took a bit longer to set up when installing than my friend's pair of Burton Cartels, but well worth the effort for the time saved at the top of the runs. I run with a mixed group of skiiers and boarders. Before they were always waiting on me. Now I skate off the lift, flip the highback and latch, and am strapped in and headed down the slope by the time they get their goggles adjusted. As other folks mentioned, you can get into these when you're not on a flat area, just drop to your knees rather than sit, kick your boot into the biding and flip up the back. Getting into these while sitting is possible...but a complete PITA and if that's your preferred method for strapping in and you can't deal with the methods listed above...these aren't the bindings for you. For the people that say they're too expensive, I ask you this: "How much do your lift tickets cost, and how many more runs do you think you could get out of them if you weren't spending all that time ratcheting in every time you reached your drop off point?"

5 5

Fast & Responsive

As one reviewer said, because of the number of adjustments on these bindings, it might take a few runs to get them how you want them. Get lower model if you're a beginner. After tweaking mine a few times, transitions have become almost effortless. The only waiting I do is when my friends are all on their butts taking forever to strap in. I am a little disappointed with the strap adjustments on the toe-side of the baseplate. The screw loosened during day 4, but I'll just put some threadlock on it and it should be good. I tried a demo board that had mission bindings, and I wasn't impressed. Step, Lift, DONE!

3 5

You can strap in on a hill

Yes you can strap-in on a hill. Face up-hill and dig in your uphill edge so your board isn't sliding all over. Now kick your foot into the binding, pull up the highback/lever mechanism. It's not that hard.

5 5

The old Flows rule and these new Flows are even better

I love Flows and recommend them to all of my friends. I rode regular style bindings only a handful of times before I got my first Flows.

The convenience of Flows cannot be stated enough - imagine you skate off the lift, step in and pull the back up; I can get strapped in, in literally under 5 seconds.

The pressure distribution is far superior - pressure is distributed across the top of the entire foot, not just along two narrow bands. With regular bindings, I would sometimes put my toes to sleep because I like things tight and locked in, with Flows, no matter how hard I crank them, the pressure is across my whole foot so nothing goes to sleep.

I also like that I can get things adjusted perfectly by the second run and then just step in each time for the rest of the day or even week, no more constant fiddling. And with the new 4 ratchet system, whereby you can ratchet the foot pad into place, Flows have everything you could want from a binding and more. (my roommate has old, pre-ratchet, Flows and still prefers them to normal bindings)

Some people do not like Flows, I acknowledge this. Their complaints are usually along the following lines:

1.They don't like stepping in (you cannot get into Flows while seated on the ground). It takes a bit of balance and coordination at first, if you don't have a flat(ish) spot to strap in, but I ride all over Colorado and I've never had a problem finding a suitable spot. Plus, you can strap in seated at a bench or chair, which is nice. Anyway, any issues getting in, go away quickly with practice and you will always find yourself standing, comfortably strapped in, looking at your friends who are sitting in the snow, feeding straps through gates and cranking away.

2. They don't like the performance: If you are a top level snowboarder, you may notice a difference. I have not - I ride about 30 - 50 times per year, do some powder, some park, some all-mountain, some backcountry and I cannot tell a difference in the performance or responsiveness between Flows and regular. The high-back is plenty stiff (some riders think it won't be because it clicks into place and is held by a wire).

5 5

never have to sit down again.

I tried these bindings for the first time this year and i'm not going back to the "sit down" two strap bindings ever again. Spent less time sitting in the snow and more time shreding it. Yes, it takes some getting used to, but after a few runs i was able to strap in while still moving from the lift to the slope and there were even times that im actually heading down the slope and straping in on the move. The only drawback is if your friends are still using the 2-strap styles, you end up still waiting for them... but this time at the bottom of the run.

2 5

nxt at's

These bindings looked amazing so i bought them. my second time using them they broke, very disappointing. They are very hard to get out of. the back latch is very difficult, it feels like your going to break the binding trying to undo the latch. But once they are on, they are great bindings. Overall, They are not worth the $200+ pricetag though.

3 5

OK so far...

I'm in complete agreement with the previous reviewer who said that you need to be on a flat for you to buckle in properly due to the back latch.. other wise it's a difficult angle to strap in when you're on the ground. The latch itself is also difficult to flip up and down which is inconvenient. Also, I bought the correct binding size which corresponds to my boot size but i still need to constantly loosen two out the four mini buckles to get my boot in far enough for the back latch to clamp up which kind of eliminates the convenience I was buying these for. Having said that, once you're in these things feel and ride like a dream.. the pressure point dispersement compared to the typical 2-strap binding is unreal. So all in all I would say buy these for the performance and feel but do not expect a quicker mount/dismount at the top and bottom of the mountain.

4 5

So Quick

These are great! First season in these from traditional strap in bindings and find the time and ease getting in an out of these sooo good! and half the time you don't even have to stop from lift to slope! Have one criticism the ladder straps are a bit weak and broke two in the first 3 days. Also the front binding where its adjustable has a small nylon spacer which chews out in the first 2 days rendering the setting sloppy, whilst it doesn't really effect performance is just a poor design fault, and ended up having these replaced on snow with locknut & bolt setup. the rear strap adjuster jammed on right one within the first week also, but none of these issues would stop me buying this setup. The pressure dispersment on the boot is more even and comfortable and the ease to get into the bindings is fantastic! So, yep get em'