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Is that a banana between your feet, or are you just glad to see snow?

The Lib Tech TRS BTX Snowboard's Banana Technology (rocker between your feet) gives it unreal float in the powder and feels loose and catch-free when you butter boxes or rails. The TRS BTX’s medium-stiff flex and firm nose and tail help ensure solid landings and smooth riding, even through the crud.

  • Banana Tech lets you stomp your board flat for tip-to-tail edge contact and enhanced control
  • Magne-Traction increases edge control, even on bulletproof hardpack
  • The wood core with Golden Fleece reinforcement provides unreal pop
  • Golden Fleece (basalt fiber) is stronger and less toxic than fiberglass
  • Double-sintered UHMW sidewalls take a thrashing and still look handsome
  • TNT base is fast and easy to maintain
  • Winner of a TransWorld Snowboarding 2010 Good Wood award

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Unanswered Question

I am 6'0 and 170Ibs with size 12 boots. I...

I am 6'0 and 170Ibs with size 12 boots. I was wondering if the TRS BTX would fit my feet. Looking at a 157.

I am 6'6" 215lbs, size 14 boot. Is there...

I am 6'6" 215lbs, size 14 boot. Is there a rocker out there that would fit my size? I currently ride a 2009 Burton custom 172, its a great all mountain board but I was lookin at getting something more for strictly park.


Responded on

well not really.... but if there is one out their that would fit you the best it is definitely this board you will still have over hang just because its not a wide board but it shouldn't be too bad it wont effect you too much in the park any way but yea if you want a rocker board at your size i would definitely recommend this board for sure

Responded on

Get the Skunk Ape from Lib Tech. It's the wide version of this board. If only someone would have told you in time.

Okay, so I'm about 135-140lbs, 5"8 tall...

Okay, so I'm about 135-140lbs, 5"8 tall and rock a size 7 boot. TRS BTX in 148 or skate banana 149? I pretty much ride anything and everything! also i noticed the skate bananas 148 is a narrow? what are the benefits of that and should i going with that instead of regular?

Responded on

Well, obviously its going to be personal preference, but I would suggest going with the TRS. The TRS will be more stable at high speeds and slightly more poppy. You get that extra stability and pop from the C2. Adding that regular camber to the nose and tail helps load that tail and contact points so you don't feel too loose. The skate banana is a slightly looser more jibby feeling board.

To answer your other question about the narrows, the 148 TRS is narrow as well, so either way you'll have a smaller waist width. With a size 7, you would want a narrower waist width anyway. A narrower board will be faster edge to edge. That's the sole benefit, but an important one. You don't want to feel like your riding a sluggish lunch tray. Hopefully that helps.

Hey i need some help, i can't decide between...

Hey i need some help, i can't decide between Lib Techs TRS or the k2 Turbo dream (2010 models).
I'm looking for an all mountain board that will handle bombing the groomers, some pow runs (got a week of powder riding later next month) and a bit of time in the park. What are your thoughts?

Best Answer Responded on

the problem with rockered boards is they tend to not be as stable at high speeds and on big landings. Both boards would work ok for all mountain riding, and the trs has magnatraction which is nice especially on ice, even if you don't ride the ice coast magnatraction is still good because it gives you a lot more control of the board

If you want a rockered board thats stable at speeds and landings, you need one with camber/rocker. Lib Tech calls it C2 BTX and its in the T Rice, Dark Series and the upcoming version of the TRS. all three would be good all mountain boards.

Never Summer has camber rocker as well in their boards, just without magnatraction. for all mountain riding the Never Summer SL-R would be the best choice

It sounds like you need a board soon but if you can wait for the new stuff to come out to get a new trs it will have C2 BTX

5 5

all around board?

i've read here that its a good all around board but i wanna know from others what you guys think. im looking to start playing around more in the park but do like staying on the slopes. would lib techs in general be good for all around board? again im gonna stay more in the park so i guess that answers my question haha? thanks

Write your question here...I got a question...

Write your question here...I got a question i am about 5ft 9in and about 160 pounds and my feet are size 10-10.5. Would a 154 or 157 be a better choice?

Responded on

Well I guess the better question would be, what do you mainly ride? If you're more into park and using the mountain as a park, then go for the 154. But if you mainly ride all-mountain and not really park then go for the 157. Im 6' 165lbs and I ride a 154(but I mainly ride park)

Responded on

Go 157.
You'll get used to the size and it will be more stable and versitle when you're outside of the park. It will fit your boot size better too.

154 is FUN and playful, but will bemore specific to park/softer-jib-buttery.

I'm looking at getting this board or the...

I'm looking at getting this board or the Skate Banana in a 159cm, I only ride groomed trails and recently relocated from Colorado to Europe (more ice here I'm told); I'm 5'8, 185 lbs, size 9 boots - currently riding a older Burton T6 (best ride i've had so far) and a Nitro Dark Horse (a little stiff) - both in 162cm. Looking for some advice...

Responded on

between these two i'd go with the trs because it is a little bit stiffer, however if you have a little extra cash the upcoming version of the trs or travis rice will be a better option, because they have c2 power banana which is a lot more stable for free riding, and the magnatraction makes it good for aggressive carving. If you don't do any park at all you should probably stay away from the skate banana as its more of a park oriented board. Its advertised as a board that can ride the whole mountain but a board with C2 BTX is much better for an all mountain/free ride board

Hi guys - I am not sure which board to...

Hi guys - I am not sure which board to get: TRS BTX or T.Rice c2btx?!

I am looking for an all mountain, freestyle board. I pretty much like love everything - getting fast, doing turns and jumps,hitting the park and so on. the setback from the t.rice is not exactly centered which i prefer, but does it actually make a difference due to the fact that the t.rice has a setback of like 1-2 cm??? Also i am wondering if the t.rice is flex enough. So at the moment I feel like rather going for the trs btx.
Further I am 5.94 ft tall and weigh between 154-165 pounds. I am not sure whether to get 154 or 157.
Thanks for helping me out!!!

Responded on

the t rice is a sick board, you can do whatever you want with it, if you like going fast you need c2 btx otherwise you will get chatter, you also get a lot more pop in the park as well as more stability on landings. If you want an all mountain board you need a t rice. Its not as flexy as a skate banana but its not as stiff as a steel beam either. if you want a board that can dominate the whole mountain get the t rice

Responded on

Go for the TRS. It seems to adapt to different terrain easier, while the T-Rice has a break in period. Both incredible ride's, but I find the TRS to be a little more versitile.

5 5

ride a banana

ordered the trs 159 about a month ago. i've put 9 days on it and i love it. i'm 6'1"/215 lbs, size 10 burton driver boots (super stiff), K2 formula binders. great freeride set-up. board is super stable at hi speed and on steeps. i ride it centered and just rode in a foot of powder, i had to lean back a bit but the banana action is real floaty. riding switch is super easy/stable. took me a while to figure out how to ollie the banana rocker, feels nice and poppy now. so happy with this board, glad i'm supporting an innovative northwest company, made in the US (near Canada!). gonna be a Lib Technerd for life!

5 5

ride a banana

ordered the trs 159 about a month ago. i've put 9 days on it and i love it. i'm 6'1"/215 lbs, size 10 burton driver boots (super stiff), K2 formula binders. great freeride set-up. board is super stable at hi speed and on steeps. i ride it centered and just rode in a foot of powder, i had to lean back a bit but the banana action is real floaty. riding switch is super easy/stable. took me a while to figure out how to ollie the banana rocker, feels nice and poppy now. so happy with this board, glad i'm supporting an innovative northwest company, made in the US (near Canada!). gonna be a Lib Technerd for life!

Does this board have a full wrap metal...

Does this board have a full wrap metal edge? I have heard that Mervin boards don't, is this true to all Mervin boards or just some?

Responded on

they don't... don't let it deter you from buying their boards tho because they are sick, and you are supporting a non sellout company that makes their gear in the usa

Responded on

having a board without the full metal wrap is a good thing thats why they make um like that, there hand made, other companies such as ride usually have the full metal wrapped edge, because they are machine made, which is deff a minus. all mervin boards do not have the metal edge on the nose and tail

Hello all, I just purchased the Lib Tech...

Hello all, I just purchased the Lib Tech TRS BTX in a 154, I have been riding a burton un inc 154. I'm 5'6, 165lbs, size 8 boots. Having second thoughts on getting the 151 instead, I don't ride the park that much, I like to go for speed but also want the quickness to take turns in and out of trees? Also like to take to board fast down the groomers on a straight line (want stability)...any advise? thinking of pairing the board with a Burton CO2 or P.1

Responded on

If you don't ride much park you'll be fine. You'd be fine on either. Also, either of those bindings would do well.

Responded on

I would go for the T Rice for more all mountain. Or the Dark Series for more groomers. The T Rice will work better for powder and the Dark Series will turn faster. This board will go fast good, but not as good as the ones mentioned.

But these 2 boards are a lot different feeling from the un inc. The TRS is not as "big of a leap" in feel.

Responded on

the Lib Tech T Rice would be much better for you for going fast... c2 btx is really stable

putting burton bindings on a lib tech board should be a crime... go with union datas or contacts... they are lighter than anything else and are totally bombproof

Responded on

id stick with this board i have this board and i love it, and all the talk about it being unstable at speeds is bullshit, never notice anything, if you are riding more all mountain id deff go longer rather than shorter

Responded on

Im not sure what eastcoast rider is talking about. I ride a pair of P1.1s on my t.rice and they ride fine. Ive ridden the union force too and they are also fine. On my other board i use forum republics and arenas (owned by burton)...they are fine too. Id say the tech on high end burton bindings are better but youre shelling out a lot of money so that sucks. All this burton hate is kinda counterproductive. Id recommend you read more reviews on bindings you like the look of and decide accordingly. The CO2s would suit your purpose but theyre almost criminally expensive. That be my only gripe. Union are a good binding company but dont fall for the general fanboyism about union thats been going around these past few years...

5 5


just bought last years 154 mtx version of this board. it KILLS!!! i used to ride the k2 world wide weapon because i wanted to try the rocker. going from rocker back to camber was even easier than i thought, this board has some gnarly pop. keep it real

5 5

Best Board I've ever ridden

This board kills it! I have been riding the 154 in every type of condition from 3+ feet of pow at the bird, to spring jib days for the past three years. The banana tech makes a smaller board ride bigger in the pow, and super maneuverable in chop. The magna traction lets you carve up hard pack of groomers like a warm knife through butter. This is my go-to board for any condition. You will not regret buying this deck!

im pretty much 5ft 8in and around 155...

im pretty much 5ft 8in and around 155 pounds with a 9 size boot, i wanna use this board mainly for groomers and park but take it out in the pow too. what kind of size and widths am i looking at here guys?

Also, would anyone recommend this over the Skate Banana?


Responded on

157 should be versatile enough for you and the right size for your weight. I have a size 9 boot too and this board is perfect for it because it's a little on the narrower side.

I would prefer this board over the skate banana because you get a better, faster base, better fiberglass/basalt fiber and wood core. (more pop and stronger, faster construction basically)
There's a reason this snowboard has won Transworlds Good Wood Test 5 years in a row. It's the only one with that kind of track record too.

Responded on

I#m from germany and i'm also 5ft8inch and you souldnt take a 157 like the other guy told you... ridin for 10 years now and i rode the 54 trs btx last season, and felt it little stiff. got a 51 trs btx this season and love it. its enough length to hit powder. smooth ehough for some butters and ground tricks and also stable at speed. trust me, it enough length to go fast and big. unless you hit any of these pro line boosters.

Responded on

boot size US9 should work with the 24,7 width of the 51 and also with the 25,3 of the 54.
i wear size 10 and anle is +15/-10 and the waist of 24,7cm fits well. if you want a stable board but also play around, go with the 51 trs.

Responded on

i would go with the 154 for sure, i am pretty much the exact dimentions as you and i ride the 54, such a sick board

5 5

6' 2", 185 lbs

I got the 162 size. This thing rocks! This is the best snowboard I have everd had! I've been using it in the US east coast for the last 3 weeks and it really holds its own in hard pack and the park. I will try it next week in Zermatt.

5 5


I LOVE this Deck.
I noticed a big performance difference on the first run.
It crazy fast and cuts through the snow like butter
I will never ride anything else besides a lib tech

Im 6'1" 190 been riding for 5 seasons and...

Im 6'1" 190 been riding for 5 seasons and just getting my 180 and 360s tights on flats and very small kickers...currently ride a custom x 164 which i find very stable in deep pow..but i do find it tough doing tricks..im decent in the moguls when they come up..i tried this board in 159 but found it a little trying in the deep stuff but alot easier buttering and doing tricks...i mostly freeride but like the park too... havent tried it in hard pack or crud because it keeps dumping here in vail!!! Im considering getting it though..any thoughts

Responded on

LIB board RIP period! you'll LOVE this board. we're pretty close in weight and I rode a SK8 banana 159 for 40+ days last season and it was FUN for EVERYTHING!!! keep in mind one thing about Lib boards is that the base will be "slower" than your Custom X... This Year I'm ridin' the Custy Vrocker and I have to admit, Burton bases are da sh*t...