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Trick-stomping power to rival the Big Bang.

Lib Tech’s TRS (Total Ripper Series) C2BTX Snowboard opens a portal through the space-time continuum and into a vortex of freestyle annihilation. The C2 Power Banana shape blends the best features of rocker and camber for a stomp-friendly ride that still pops powerful ollies and holds an edge at warp speed.

  • C2 Power Banana shape places camber under your feet and rocker in-between for a loose, fun ride that still carves through turns
  • Columbian Gold core uses snowboard-specific, genetically-engineered wood for insane pop and light weight
  • Magne-Traction edges add five contact points to offer exceptional grip and control, even on icy snow
  • Basalt fibers are blended with traditional fiberglass for a more eco-friendly construction that increases pop and dampens the ride
  • Low-maintenance TNT base resists damage and repairs easily

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Your community contributions

I am trying to decide between the skunk...

I am trying to decide between the skunk or trs. I'm 6 foot 180 pounds and wear a size 13 shoe. I'm not sure which way to go and if and when I do get it what size board should I get of either?

Responded on

Hey there... I have the same size boot and the most important spec for you to watch is the waist width... A rule of thumb for me is 26.5cm or bigger... so of the two boards you are wondering about, the skunk ape for sure!

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If only Lib Tech used a better base!!!

Got the TRS C2 BTX this year. It's a great board in many ways. It soft enough to butter and stiff enough to go mach 5 down a black diamond and still feel stable. Magna traction is unbeatable on ice. Lots of pop, great for jumps and tricks. Everything you need in a total ripper!!
Everything except the Extruded base!!!! Why the hell does LIb Tech use an extruded base. After the 2nd day on the slopes the my base looks like its been through the whole season.
If you are planning to ride on wet snow during spring condition, watch out for the extruded base. It's really slow on wet snow. I mean extremely sloooow. Feels like the base just drags on the snow.
It's fine in colder conditions.

I heard that the TRS has a much stiffer...

I heard that the TRS has a much stiffer flex than what it says on the specs - more like the flex on the T.Rice board. Can somebody confirm this?

Also, what rider is the TRS more suited for? Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert?

Responded on

TRS is def comparable to the t.rice in flex. I've ridden both but keep going back to the skate banana as my daily driver.

It's less about skill level and more about how you like to ride. I think anyone intermediate to expert could have a blast on a TRS.

Believe in the banana.

5 5

Lib tech trs c2btx

This by far the BEST board out there, and is definitely worth every penny! Nothing compares to this board! RIPS on powder, hard packed ice, sticks like a mofo on rails and boxes, and crazy ass pop off jumps! Not to mention, It is mad forgiving on landings, almost ate shit a couple of times but the board just seems to balance me out. I feel like I'm cheating with this board! Everything said about this board is TRUE, the craziest part about riding it the first time is it feels like your floating, whether it be packed ice or powder! This shit is butter baby! In conclusion, if you've been riding for awhile and haven't ridden a lib yet, and want to to step up your game, then this is the board you want hands down. Anything less, and your selling yourself short. I'll be riding nothing but libs unless someone else let's me ride another board, that they THINK is equivalent which I highly doubt!

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What can I say that hasn't been said already... They should call this board TRSU instead!!!!(Totally Rip Sh*t Up) This board is the REAL DEAL, I had last years model without the C2 and thought it was a GREAT board but DAMN!!!! C2 completely changes the ball game, this thing RIPS in POW, groomers, icy death chutes(AK), backcountry, Chunder, Death cookies, you name it, it'll tear sh*t up!!!

Magna-Traction is the REAL DEAL, not a gimick, marketing scheme, it's the truth. I wouldn't want to be caught on a steep icy-ass AK hill without it.

my 1 and ONLY complaint is that TNT extrude base is just crap... slow, slow, slow and it seems as if i need to wax on a weekly basis... I wish LIB would change that and this would be the PERFECT all mountain weapon!!! (that's why I gave it a 4 star instead of 5)


Whats up! Looking for some info on this...

Whats up! Looking for some info on this board. Im 5'9" 170 to 175lbs. I ride the entire mtn. Steeps to Park, oh and Im on the east coast with a trip west once in a while. I have camber boards but, I want a new ride. What size would I be able to throw down everywhere? I was swaying toward 157.

Responded on

I'm from the east, about your same size and I got a 159 but good luck finding it in that size. Board can do it all and I got it brand new for under $400, love those end of season sales.

5 5

TRS - All Mountain Advanced Slayer. Not just for Park Riders.

I picked up the TRS 162 with the C2BTX last week from Dog Funk. 6' 2" 145 pounds and Advanced riding for 11 years, and the funnest board I have ever been on. Rode powder in Central Idaho on Sunday and it floats great. Rode packed powder and it was more stable and dampens better than any board I have been on. I usually get pitched around because I am so light. Rode hard snow night skiing last night and Magna Traction is the all time slayer for hard snow. I usually feel like ice skating on hard snow due to my light weight, but Magna Traction grips crazy good.

I was worried about the multi-camber construction slowing me down on hard snow. That is not the case. I was right on pace with all the board/ski friends who rip for the first time all season. I cannot wait to try it on Ice and see how the Magna Traction does. I waivered between the 159 and 162 because of my weight. I stay out of the park, so I went with the 162. My suggestion to all advanced riders who stay out of the park is to go up one size. More float in the powder, and I don't even notice the difference in leght. Enough stiffness for all mountain stability but still with big pop.

Wished I would have tried Lib earlier. This is truly the 1 Board Quiver All Mountain Slayer I had been looking for. Watchout everyone else. Lib is going to take over.

Responded on

6'2 and a 145lbs? Eat something, please. You'd have more fun with a smaller one, more control. That big stiff board is more favorable for old timers like yourself who are hungry powder hounds who don't jib and ollie around the mountain.

Hi Im 6'23 and 210 lbs boot size 12. I'm...

Hi Im 6'23 and 210 lbs boot size 12. I'm riding backcountry. Should I take 167?

Responded on

hey man for ur size i would deff recommend a 167

I'm 5'10" about 170 east coast rider who...

I'm 5'10" about 170 east coast rider who takes 1-2 west coast trips a year looking for pow. I mainly play around the entire mountain but always take some park runs to slide a couple boxes and hit some medium sized jumps. I'm riding an older 160 solomon link and want a new deck, thinking this is a good ride for me...what size should I get??

Responded on

I'm your exact size and I ride a Libby 159 TRS-MTX and I couldn't ask for more out of a snowboard. Lib-Tech are the gold standard of snowboards. Magne-Traction ftw.

Responded on

I'm same size as you, I ride a trs 154, I have a trice 153 love them both. I have a gnu dkass 158. hate it. too big. The trs is a stiffer board smaller the better IMO so you can man handle it, but in powder its a dream due to the radness of the c2btx. The waist width can handle up to size 11 on a 154 or 157 TRS. I wouldnt recommend anything bigger than a 157 for your size.

5 5

154 TRS C2 - Great Choice!!

After riding my 155 GNU Danny Kass BTX for the past two seasons it was time for a new ride. The Kass had lost the majority of it's pop. I loved that board for the massive pop in doing nollies and flatland stuff. The banana made that work fun too.

Knowing I wanted something a bit softer but still plenty of pop the TRS sounded like the sure bet. Being my 4th Mervin board I knew to expect exactly what the (sometimes nonsensical) marketing jibberish described.

I mostly ride the whole mountain with some flatland and park thrown together. So the mid stiff 154 seemed like a good fit. I am pleased with the drive the board has but with it being shorter the turns are a tad tight and its not really a carver... but it does hold and you can lean hard and have a lot of fun riding it's length at speed.

Being the shortest of my boards it has taken a little getting used to, but the cambered ends give it a longer feel. The pop is there - not quite as pronounced as the Kass - and the loose banana feel is dead on. Wide stance rocking wedgie 4.0 on the Ride binders are a perfect fit for this board.

Overall, everything I expected out of this board is there. No regrets. Actually thinking about picking up a longer version for trips to big mountains or days when I want to hit jacket flapping speed with comfort.

154 TRS C2 - Great Choice!!

hey im 5'7 130 pounds and size 10 on boots...

hey im 5'7 130 pounds and size 10 on boots and i wanna go and hit the park this is my second season tho im not that good bt i was wondering if this board would be the best choice for me? and wat size should i get i ride the burton operator 156 any suggestions?

Responded on

Not if your that small. If your 5'7 you should be gettin at biggest a 154 for the park, this board would be huge for u in the park

im wanting to push myself on and hit the...

im wanting to push myself on and hit the park as well as nailing the white stuff, im 6ft and 15st(is that about 200lb) with size 10 boots. dude in the shop reckoned the 157 trs c2 btx would be alright. i'd like some more opinions if anyone could help

Responded on

that is what i ride and we are the same size. the guy in your local shop was right on!! you should make sure you go back to them and pick it up from the shop. they are the ones that steered you in the right direction so hook them up with buying the board from them!

Unanswered Question

I am 6'0 and 170 pounds. I have size 12...

I am 6'0 and 170 pounds. I have size 12 feet. Is the TRS C2BTX going to be to narrow for my feet size. I also have 2009 Burton Ruler boots (if that helps). Any suggestions?

Does anyone know what the differences are...

Does anyone know what the differences are between the TRS and the Dark Series (besides the $$)? I was blown away when I got a chance to ride the Dark Series last year, so that is probably gonna be this year's purchase. I am 5'11" 175 lbs & prefer trees (safety meetings!), sidecountry, hikes, pow of course - never seem to hit the park. Thanx...

Responded on

From what I've read, Dark Series is a little bit stiffer and it has a different base. TRS uses the TNT (extrude)base while DS uses a Sinter UHMW base. (from my personal experience, I don't like the extrude style bases cuz they tend not to hold wax as well and so there's an issue with constant "maintenance")

DS also has something called the ORG riser thing at the binding holes.(don't ask me what it does cuz I have no idea... haha) and I think TRS is a center stance board and DS might be set-back? please correct me if I'm wrong...


HELP!!! IM TORN BETWEEN THIS BOARD AND THE GNU RIDERS CHOICE. WHAT SHOULD I GET?? I am an all mountain rider looking to progress my skills in the park. Had a skate banana last year(loved it) but that got stolen so now im looking for bigger better things. any help is appreciated.

Responded on

a skate banana is awesome they dont get much better in my opinion. and are great for an all round board. it really depends how much more time you want to invest in the park. the lib tech box scratcher is a wicked little jib board for the park. but out the two boards you have listed i personally would pick the GNU riders choice board. every review i have seen on it is at least 4 out of 5 stars everyone loves it. and my friend in st anton swears by it he wont even look at another board for fear of the GNU leaving him lol.

if you had all the money in the world,,...

if you had all the money in the world,, what pair of binders would you put on this board and why?? the Union_Data's are siick,, but just wondering if any of you broski's had some other ideas,, help a brotha out..//

Responded on

First things First. . . You dont put BURTON bindings on a LIB TECH . . . .Well unless you're travis rice ahhh, HE's AWESOME! . . . to sum it all up. tag the TRS with some UNIONS! also . . . ahhh id put some ROME 390's "acid" those would look RAD! but honestly the board you buy reflects on the bindings you buy.... depending on the riding you do. . . . EXAMPLE. if you do park.... Go with a LOVE. . .HERO. . .or what have you not... you would want a MISSION... CARTEL... if you ride ALL MtN. . . . lib tech TRS... burton Custom... you would do a Union data lil more stiff then the force /rome 390 for the Lib... an or Burton board....CO2.. or C60 are stiffff!!! hope this helps anyone!

Responded on

I've got union force SLs on my trs 162...great combo. Responsive, light and comfortable

I'm 6'1 and 205lb, and size 11 boot what...

I'm 6'1 and 205lb, and size 11 boot what size? and with k2 boas should I consider going with skunk ape? Or look at gnu rider's choice in wide 158, thx

Responded on

sup bro,, i'm bout 5'10"/170lbs/size 11 boot,, i've never rocked a wide stance board in my LIFE,, and you should be fine as well,, both of these boards are sick as hell,, the skunk being wider of course,, if you wanna try out the wide it's your choice,, but you should be good on a regualr 157 board,, hope this helps..//

5 5


I love Mervin products, problem is every deck I get (4 so far) they delam because they're not fully wrapped edges... Good thing dogfunk has such a sick return policy. I break them, they replace them. Thanks!

Responded on

i dont think they delam becuse of no edge on tip and tail i have riden lib for over eight years now th trs i just had was the only one that delamed horrible on me i wounder if they just put shitty glue in these ones i had a jamie line this year not a problem mashed it out on so many rocks that it woulnt move on the snow no serious delam the board could be tuned and someone else ride it but the trs fell into peices after five days i am not complaining about the board becuse it was the funnest board i ever had i am picking up another it will probably only last a week but i love the board i hope they fix the problem libs have always been so strong

Responded on

without there return policy i would not be the rider i am i think that dogfunk is the best thing that has happened to snowboarding since snowboarding began sorry to all the core shops maybe its about time to change your return policies thanks dogfunk

5 5

Still my everyday

I've had the TRS for two years now and its still my favorite board I've ever ridden. This board rips everything and loves to go fast and big. This board has an aggressive sidecut so it can pull super g turns pretty nicely but sometimes I do washout on my heel side. The wide version of this is the skunk ape and I would size up but the flex pattern changes as the board gets wider and my favorite part of this board is how playful it is while still being the snappiest board I've ever ridden.

I'm 6' and 185 lbs, size 11 (low profile boot) and I ride the 162cm at Snowbird and love it. I only get heel drag on super aggressive turns so if you are worried about heel and toe drag, don't be unless you have a bulky boot (ThirtyTwo, Vans, older Burtons) and wear above a size 11. Wide version of the TRS is the Skunk Ape.