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Killer beanie, and comfortable, too. This beanie is truly versatile in that you can wear it as a beanie (folded up halfway, on the inside), or has a face mask/cover. When folded as a beanie, the eyeholes are covered and not visible. The same cannot be said with Airblaster's other beanies. It's a shame they've discontinued the Secret. Pick one up, as there are apparently a few left.


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I've ridden the Crowbars in HI Yellow, HI Persimmon and Blue Iridium. All are amazing lenses for their respective conditions.
The HI Yellow's are great for overcast, snowy, foggy, rainy and night conditions. (Basically, the HI Yellow will slay any sort of low-light conditions.) The blue reflective coating makes them look better than a standard yellow lens as well.
The HI Persimmon is a great all-round lens. They're not perfect for bluebird days, but you won't squint too much. They're not perfect for night riding, but you wont' really strain your eyes for terrain clarity. They are, however, perfect for everything in between.
The Blue Iridium are a fantastic bright conditions lens. They are more versatile than Black Iridium or Fire Iridium, which are exceptional for bluebird but more or less one trick ponies for sunny days. The Blue Iridiums are a bit more versatile if the clouds roll in.
Don't get a lens just because it looks cool, and it will pay off for you with perfect clarity.
Oakley's Snow Goggle Light Transmission Ratings (DIFFERENT from what's listed on their website, which pertain only to sunglasses and not their goggles!)

Clear - 83%
HI Yellow - 81%
HI Persimmon - 63%
Persimmon - 62%
Pink Iridium - 57%
VR50 - 50%
G30 - 30%
Blue Iridium - 30%
VR28 - 28%
Gold Iridium - 20%
Black Iridium - 18%
Fire Iridium - 16%


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Very solid pants. I honestly don't care for Burton, but apparently their higher-end outerwear is solid - as long as you don't mind the price tag. As a matter of fact, the only reason I gave these a 4 instead of a 5 is because their waterproofing/breathability is 15,000mm/10,000g yet still retail for a hefty $230. (Sessions will give you 20,000mm/20,000g for $200 or less.)

Otherwise, they are great. Very light and very durable with a slightly baggy inseam, but nothing super gangsta. I thought they would stain easily, but they've repelled mysterious lift grease and grass stains quite well.

Solid pantalones, for sure.