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We'll have to see if these can keep up with my Malamutes but so far so good. The Hill isn't open yet but I have been playing with these a bit and they seem to be doing very well. Break in isn't too painfull due to the heat moldable liner, and these feel about as stiff as my 2 year old Malamutes. Nice updates to the liner lace locking mechanism, making it easier, quicker, lower profile, and can be easily tightened with the boot in the bindings.

I'll have to give them a run once things are open but at first glance another great boot from Salomon.


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Have to agree with much of what I read in the reviews. The malamute is comfy especially considering it is the stiff boot in the line up. Fairly easy to break in...Next to the F24 nothing seems easy anymore...great boot if you want a comfy, stiff, all mountain/freeride boot. I put in 85 days on these last season and think I can go one more...have a little wear spot on the outside of each heel because it rubs on the heel cup of my binding, other than that they are still chrging.


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Capt Carl says after 22 years on the hill he has no idea why th NS Titan gets all the hype. This must be because he's not has good as he thinks he is, if you skid while carving on a board then your not setting your edge. I have riden lots of brands and the NS is a Caddy! they rail like no ones busniess, crush through the chop, and do it in a manner that leaves you less fatigued...that's what the damping's for Carl. The other guys must be a little more sensitive to the boards response and have a better feel because they all saw it the same and the same as most of my buddy's see it. OK I ride with one guy that always pushes me, beats me to the bottom maybe 99% of the time in 5 years, I pick this board up and now I have to give him a head start to make a competition of the race did I say FAST!! nice turn initiation and when needed you can really dig in and finish the turn cleanly. I am 6 foot 235 sz 11 boot, and have loved the 164...I ride with Catek bindings so my feet get off the deck a bit greatly reducing drag. Great stick for everything, stiff enough for the big stuff, soft enough for a bit of fun, and agile enough to be mistaken for a billy goat!