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If you really like to crank your bindings down on steep runs, steer clear of the new Burton straps with angled ridges (double take buckles featuring insta-click). I had a lot of two I tested, but here is what I found....

...first I bought a pair of Diodes. One of the bindings would crank down solid, the other would crank down 2/3 of the way and then skip. I called Burton and they said that isn't normal. I returned the bindings and bought the Genesis (for other reasons).

These bindings look and feel a lot better than the Diodes both BOTH binding straps skip. It was impossible to tighten them as much as I like. When I am about to head into a steep run I like to really crank down my straps. Crank them down so you can feel the straps pressing against your feet and you know there is a solid connection. I don't ride this locked in all the time, but you know the runs when you need it. The bindings didn't deliver.

I thought my Diodes might be a fluke, but when I found that both of my Genesis ankle straps did this, it must be the design. Which is sad because it looks like all the 2014/2015 Burton bindings have this new ratchet. So pick yourself up some 2013/2014 bindings on close-out with the old straight-up ridges. They're better. ;)

Oh, one more thing....if you ride a lot you have probably had your ratchets go bad after a while. They make them a lot better now, but still every once in a while you will blow a spring and need a new ratchet which are easy to pick up from your local Burton shop. Well, with these new ratchets the ratchet is integrated into the entire strap. I didn't see any way to remove just the ratchet. I suppose the shops will have to stock the entire assembly, for what it's worth.

Too bad, with the exception of the ratchets, I would have kept the bindings! The new forward lean adjustment design on this binding is awesome! The simplest I have seen out there.


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This binding is cool looking but it doesn't have some of the nice tech of lower end bindings. For example, the forward lean adjustment is impossible to adjust without tools! It has an extremely tight clamp and then you are manually sliding a metal square on raised ridges like you did 10 years ago. Burton has much better adjusters and this isn't one of them.

The ratchets did not work well for me. One of them would only tighten 2/3 of the way and was impossible to crank down. I tried two different ratchet straps with no luck. I'm hoping it was just a fluke but it could be this new technology isn't dialed in yet. So if you really like to crank down your boots on big runs, this may not be the binding for you.

Didn't seem very light. It was very stiff though and it looks cool.

I returned it and got the Genesis instead. (I hope the ratchet works better).


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This board is sick. I've ridden CustomX and BaronES boards in the past, then took a break for a couple years and tried a rocker stick. I really missed what camber did for me on the steep runs so this year I came back to camber and love it.

I took the CustomX out to Jackson Hole for a few days and forgot how precise this board is. When you are burning down a steep run, through a mogul field, or doing sidecountry I was reminded how the CustomX takes you wherever you tell it. I never had a moment where you initiate a turn, realize the board won't be coming around exactly as planned, and had to redirect to a slide or lower angle turn instead...everything I did, even when my legs were getting tired, the board just responded.

I'm sure some of that is coming onto a factory fresh board from my old rocker toy that's been beat on for a couple years, but I loved it! When you have to carve on the steeps the board is there for you. No washing out. you have the control needed to swing this around and get yourself out of trouble or into a nice stretch of powder!

I was also impressed that even since I purchased the wide variant, the edge to edge response is very quick.

You can't go wrong with the stainless steel edges either that don't rust up while your board is drying out for the night.

The edges and base took a beating from early season rocks, but everything seemed to hold up well with no core shots or edge dings so the construction seems possibly stronger than prior years or else I'm managing rock hits better. I still wish it had the 45:10 edge to give it a little more beef.

Sick Precision


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The only pant I've found that would top this would be the Burton 3L pant, but only if it had the pockets and features of the 2L.

I've had this pant for several years. I currently bought the 2013 and figured I'd compare it to one from a few years ago.

First off, the sizing is different than it used to be. I'm a 36x32 and used to fit into the large very comfortable. The 2013 large for me was too snug with even a mid-weight base layer underneath. If I added pads or full pockets it'd be an uncomfortable day of riding. So I had to move to the XL which was much more roomy, if not a little too much space.

The 2013 Stagger has HUGE mesh lined vents. The one on the side goes from the hip to the knee and there's a big one in the crotch. The only downside of vents this large is when you have them full open they look more like saddle pants. But I'll take it for that much venting! Love the mesh, when we spill in powder, we'll keep the snow out.

The GoreTex material is rougher than prior years thus seems more durable. While it isn't an insulated pant, I have never needed anything other than a mid weight layer in even the coldest conditions.

Nice big cargo pockets on the side so you can load them up with your cameras, cliff bars, tools or whatever. So even if you change coats during the day, you can keep all your important gear with you. The upper front pockets and rear pockets are all zippered so you won't be losing your wallet.

It is really the best featured snowboard pant I have found and I've looked around a lot.

Only thing I miss over prior years is the zipper jacket to pants interface. Burton took it out this year so all you have is three loops that you can use to connect to a powder skirt. It isn't going to keep you bone dry when you go for a long slide like the zipper will, but it's better than nothing.


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The jacket has good pocket layout, great build quality, and enough layers inside to have it lightly insulated but not heavy. You could wear it on warm days with only a small base layer and you'd be okay.

I have a 2010 Burton Jacket and the sizing this year is smaller. Where I could fit into a L in the past, with room for comfort, it was a little snug this year (both Stagger pants and jacker) making me move to an XL in both so that I could comfortably put a layer underneath.

Wish it had mesh on the vent so I could open up the vents on warm days and not be afraid of big powder falls filling me up with powder.

Burton has also gone away from the Zipper jacket to pants interface. That's too bad. It was a GREAT feature giving you the powder defense of a one piece with the style and flexibility of a two piece. Seems that everyone except Volcom is going to those 3 little snap tabs this year to connect Jacket to Pants. If you've taken a big butt slide fall down a long slope...you know how well they work! :) (your back will be full of snow)

Bring me back zippers and mesh. Otherwise, size-up and the jacket rocks!


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Goes fast, lasts long, & smells nice.

I use this as a hot wax. It says you can also use it as a rub-on wax, but I'm not sure how effective that is. I suppose it's a nice option to have if you're on the road.