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I'll start with the positives. I do really like the material - very comfortable and functional, nice stitching, and seems like a really high quality pair of pants. Very breathable and great for hiking. The legs have button snaps for rolling up - it's a nice feature and it works well - and the waist has a built-in adjustable belt. But what's with the giant legs? I don't know if the sizing of these has changed (the pictures on the website look like a fairly slim fit) but the pair I got are almost cartoonishly baggy. It's a bummer, too; I'd get a lot more use out of these pants if I didn't feel slightly ridiculous wearing them.


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Got this bag to use on weekend trips, but have found it's probably a little too big for that. Still though, I'm quite happy with it. Didn't know what to expect from Poler, I was kinda worried they'd be one of those hipster brands with sub-par quality but I'm happy to report that this thing is very rugged and tough. Attractive design and stitching as well. The hidden backpack straps are a really cool feature. All around a terrific duffel, and a brand to watch out for.


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I can't say much about these that hasn't already been said. The retro cool factor is there, the Oakley lens quality is there, but I can't really say they seem like a hundred-dollar pair of sunglasses. I'd still recommend them if the price doesn't bother you. They're very comfortable and, well, just plain cool. One thing I can add: I have the Polished Rootbeer version, and the frames seem considerably darker in person than they look on the website. Not sure if that applies to all of them, but there ya go.