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got this board, rode it 3 days so far. First day is kind of different getting used to the reverse rocker and how flexy and washy the board feels, but once you get used to it, prepare for it to blow your mind. It pressed everything , its like cheating! Locks in on rails, and i have not caught an edge yet. Kind of sketchy spinnin and hittin big booters but once you get the feel for it its sick, and you can do anything just with a slight teqnique. I can ollie over ropes and slow signs, it has MAD pop and MAD flex. I would reccomend if you like riding all mountian, and more rails than jumps. But this thing does hold its own with the jump.s


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Super sick gloves, the leather on them is decent, it has not started to crack or chip yet, and yes, im a knuckle dragger! I reccomend 4.5 out of 5, the reason for the demerit is cause' on -34 degree days at Mont saint anne sucks! Hands are popsicles fo sho! They never get wet, light, durable, and comfy! And the inside is attached by a seam on the fingertip, so you cant pull you the inside lining, and we all know how much it sucks to fumble on the chair lift and drop a glove.

Peace yo, hope this helped!


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Some hook it up! I just bought this board today offline 156 gimme a siick review, i like gettin all steezy on jibs but i equally like hittin the booters in the park. I can spin and land i usually catch edges n peel off but i dtune my edges so its a lil smoother n softer, easier to pivot while turning in the trees n sliding.

Is this board gonna hook it up with hittin booters? I aint extreme hittin the 50 plus step up... but i do like the average 30 40 footers etc

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