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I roll a 56 Nitro T1 in the park and I'm looking for something shorter and a lot softer to really focus on street. When I say softer I mean so soft that when you lean back a little it's an automatic butter. Would a 48 or 52 WWW be what I'm looking for? If not, what in the same price range should I check out?

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I have last year's Legacy 'Limited Edition,' and it is absolutely sick! I bolted on a pair of Drake DTMs and threw myself down the hill. I was dialed in an instant. It was like I'd been riding T1s all my life. It has huge pop and a nice balanced flex, so an excellent park board, but not limited to just jibbing. It carves pretty tight and is fairly light for it's size, though it doesn't exactly rip through powder, but that's not what it was meant to do, so if you don't like it, go spend a thousand bucks on some powder stick! Recommended for any park-rat or freestyle junkie, regardless of skill level.


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I've been using this binding since the beginning of the 08-09 season. I bought it during the summer, along with a Nitro T1 156 deck, and was stoked to finally get a chance to take the setup out at the start of the season. I was expecting to have to take some time to get used to them, but I was dialed into the setup the moment I hit the slopes.

I originally attributed the quick transition from my old K2 Fuse with low end Ride bindings to the T1 deck, but my friend uses a very similar Technine Jib 157 deck (the gold one) which he got in a package with Technine Street bindings. I tried his setup out, but I found I couldn't do much at all with it. It was then that I realized the real difference was the bindings. Specifically the low-backs and the True Zero angle.

For such a great price, I never imagined that I could get such an epic binding (not to mention the sweet denim straps). If you're considering anything else, forget it! Once you go DTM, you'll never go back!