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I've had this watch for less than a month, and the plastic housing on it is already cracking and falling apart. I work at a hotel pool as I lifeguard and I am required to wear a watch. I got this watch specifically for work and initially I was impressed, that is until it started falling apart. I don't put a whole lot of strain on this watch and there is no reason why it should already be breaking. I generally like nixon's products, but this watch is a piece of junk. All around poor quality. Even the backlight on it is disappointing, instead of the display screen getting brighter the contrast just changes. It is incredibly difficult to tell time at night. Don't buy this watch!


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I'm in love with my longboard! It has lots of pop and flex but you'll still feel solid when riding it. When my board came, I noticed that the graphic looks slightly different than it does here (I think mine looks better). The green on the bottom side of the board is just natural wood on mine


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I got this bag about a month ago and I have to say it meets all my expectations. It's the perfect size for a weekend trip. I have room for all my essentials (4-5 outfits, blow dryer, straightener, shoes) plus a little extra. The only complaint I have about this bag is that it only has one pocket, which on the side of it. I wish this bag had a few more pockets but other than that I have nothing bad to say about it. Get this bag!