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I have been staring at this line for years wondering if it has ever been skied and never seeing any tracks do it., apparently I was the first through in over 16 years. Fun double fall line chute over exposure and my Smith Vantage came in really handy down on the apron. The BOA fit system helped keep my bucket on when I tumbled and kept me safe. This is my favorite helmet out there. None better in overall comparison.


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Definitely the lightest helmet I have. I used to rock the Variant Brim until the Vantage hit the streets. And then it was all Vantage which I absolutely love due to the weight (or lack thereof), incredible venting, and awesome fit.

I wanted to try this one out plus I really like the Cyan Stereo Maze over the Vantage Cyan Team design and I’m glad I bought this. The rear vents are utilized by merely folding a padding flap back down over itself. Simple enough, and since I stay pretty warm all the time, this thing will stay folded the whole time. There is plenty of plush padding in the dome and the fit is pretty descent. I do wish it had the extra helmet adjuster like the Vantage and Variant, but I’ll do fine without it.

So now I’ll be using this one on days that I’m mainly not doing a bunch of inbounds/sidecountry hiking, and reserve the Vantage for more aggressive hiking and the warmer days.


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I Absolutely love this design. If you are looking for something like the Chemist, Ray Bans, or something along those lines, and they don't fit your face or there isn't enough side coverage from the sun, try these. I abolsutely love them. They're a bit retro but have a modern twist.

The blue color is pretty nice as well.
They weigh next to nothing and the polarized lens is icing on the cake.