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I was wearing these this past weekend at a slopestyle comp, and after only a couple falls on my right side, I wound up with a massive bruise and a yet-to-be-diagnosed hip injury. They would be much better if there was a hard shell covering each section of pads in order to further dissipate impacts.


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I got these to use with my iPhone and they work wonderfully, the sound quality is great, and they work on the phone and in facetime.

I ran into a problem with them when I plugged them into one of the iMacs in a study area at school. The volume control also has a middle button that allows you to pause and resume audio playback (and I assume answer and hang up the phone). For some reason when I would play music on the iMac, there was a weird reverb that could only be remedied by holding the middle button down. This isn't exactly something I want to do while I'm trying to use a computer. I haven't tried them on my PC at home yet, but I will follow up with that later.

The nylon case is tiny, which is nice, but if it were a little bigger, it'd be easier to wind the cords up (it's way tighter than I normally wind up my headphone cords)...this is just nitpicky though.

Update: There is no reverb effect on my laptop running windows, I'm not sure what the problem with the mac was.


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Immediately upon putting these glasses on I am stunned with the clarity and darkness of these glasses. The only downside is that the earpieces are uncomfortable after about an hour and a half. The earpieces seem to stab into my ear, the design could be fixed if the ends were tapered rather than expanded. This is bad for me because I commonly drive for 6 hours on the way home to South Carolina from school in Virginia.