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The best thing about this pant; looks awesome w/ plenty of street savvy style but keeps your ass dry on those long days in the park watching your buddies lay down on rails and crack ribs. Fit nicely over my boots, comfy as hell, not too tight and definitely not baggy. I'm 5'11" and 155lbs. and they have a fit reminiscent of the volcom 2x4 jean or the kr3w kslims. would def suggest these for anyone getting tired of all the baggin' saggin' barry gear getting out on the hills.


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Finally got my DH2 out on the freshies just after the christmas holiday and I was absolutely astonished with not only its smooth handling on groomers and in powder but its performance in the Park. the deck is so damn light it out performs any other Ride park board I've owned. The camber design and slightly torqued up stiffness give superior stability at speeds in the steeps but its butter soft pressing and jibbing around the rails and boxes. Price point is high, but it was DEFINITELY worth every cent.


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I have yet to even put this stick on the hill, but i already know its gonna be legit.

I've been sticking with Ride now (despite my affections for Mervin) for 5 or 6 seasons and have had a Kink, Society and now the DH2. Swore by each and every one while I had it on the hill.

the DH2 is HANDS DOWN one of the lightest boards I've ever felt and I've spent a number of years (8 or 9) working in snowsport retail and tech shops.

mine is gonna be put to the test at Wolf Creek for the crews annual interstate snow search.

A feather for yo' foots


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With some upcoming dumpage here in NAZ forecast, I'm rightly stoked on scoping out the tactility of this thing. They def' look good. I snagged the Shane Flood bag and got my little bro the Parker bag for xmas. Fits my snowtool perfectly, dunno about the 'chapstick holder'...that stuff is crucial here in AZ, but i have the feeling i'll lose more sticks by slipping them in a loose fitting grip-loop on my leg than just jamming it in my pocket; only time will tell, i'll keep a running total of how many i lose this season. I'm a little sketch on keeping a lens in the pouch suggested; i wear a-frames and the lens is convex...so it probably won't even fit. i'll find something to put in there for sure.

all in all, i'm glad I have one and you couldnt beat dogfunk's price on these things with a f******* stick right now.

Solid Lookin' Solid Feelin'