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I've asked dogfunk staff questions about this board but I want an answer from someone who actually rides it, I bought a 148, I'm 5'7" and weigh 130ish, I've rode 148's before, easily can press em out, but I'm just wondering about the flex on this board, is it playful or just enough to have noticeable presses? It said 3 of 10 on the scale, so I'm expecting a little playful however it's camber so who knows, I'm used to rocker boards.

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3 Stars, it lives up to it. I guess you could say "it gets the job done" until it gets fired for injury. My lovely Rocker is a 148, I still have it and thank God I'm replacing it with a signal. I've had the board since the begining of December, within the first month I earned myself a nice massive pressure crack, which quickly lead to a cracked core. The top layer rips like paper, cracks and spreads. I could blame myself for not fixing chips and keep riding them cause I don't have time to fix them, but the top sheet cracks everywhere, nose, tails, and sides. The edges rust like a mofo. On a positive side, it does do what it's intended for, it does have nice playful flex, on the other hand it doesn't have much of a sweet spot, it just kinda goes where you want, the butters drop low though on rails cause there is no flex point. Anyways, not recomended, below intermediate riders maybe.


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Okay I don't ride this board but I have to make a comment on the "4 out of 10 on Forum's soft scale"

I would give it a 1/10. I strapped into by buddies scallywag the otherday (no homo) and it's just a complete noodle, funnest board ever though no doubt, limitless flex.