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Love these things. These are my first pair of nice bindings and I am in love. The bindings in the front keep a secure fit and allow you to go for some deep carving while keeping secure of your board. Very responsive. My only complaint is having to wait for my friends to strap in, since putting these on takes like 2 seconds. Love the all-metal design too.


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This jacket is typical of most of the problems with women's clothing. Namely that sizes are NEVER uniform or rational. I hope you have a 22" waist and a 2 and half foot long arms, cause otherwise this jacket won't fit right. And god help you if you have a chest at all. Pretty sure this jacket would better fit one of those skinny hipster boys better.

I am also not a fan of the way Nomis has designed their collar/hood feature. The part of the jacket that covers your neck can also double as a facemask, which is cool. However, the times I have used this feature are minimal and when you don't have it zipped up all the way, expect the collar part to smacking you in the face all the way downhill. If you don't have a giraffe's neck it can even be so bad that it obscures your vision when it is smacking you in the face.

The number of pockets is definitely cool on this jacket, and it's also nice that they zip up however the pocket openings are irritatingly annoying! I have small hands and I have a hard time using the front pockets as hand warmers.

In conclusion...this jacket might be best for a really lean and lanky girl but it sucks for everyone else and the features (while cool) are questionable at times. I bought this jacket cause I needed something cheap for the season, but I think I will definitely be replacing it once jackets drop in price during the warmer months.