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Had my eye on this the second the Prana catalog arrived (Annette/Nanette, this needed to be bought on name alone!) Got it during the Prana sale and it's already become a wardrobe staple. Perfect fit on this short curvy frame, warm, stylish, and a hood! It's a terry material on the inside, long sleeve cuffs, and hits at my knees. Sadly, there are no pockets. I got the blue which looks true to the photo, and also has a heathered patten that doesn't quite come through in the pic. I like it, gives it some visual interest. I know this will last as all of my Prana goods have. Appropriate for the office with leggings, cute with some knee socks when out. The waistband hits just below the bust creating a perfect a-line dress. I went with the medium because their stuff always feels small to me.

Love love love!


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I spotted this on sale last month and picked it up for my nephew. It's become his go-to jacket. Went on a hike last week with it and though the temps were in the low 50's when we started, he was toasty warm. He won't wear hats, but he loves the hood on this, and I'm all for keeping the noggin warm. The full zip makes getting the coat on and off a breeze. This will definitely get passed down to his little brother when he outgrows it, and then to someone else, because it's North Face and it will last.


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I make a yearly trek to the Clark's store in Boston, and this year I walked away with 2 pairs of these. The leather pair needed some breaking in and are a little rough around the ankles at first. The suede ones are super comfy off the bat.

The soles are flat, so not great for those that need some arch support. The soles are actually kind of gummy, so they have good grip. Almost too good, as I often find myself tripping over my feet in these. Like my toes hit the floor, stick, and send me flying forward. Maybe I'm just a klutz.

Great with skinny pants, or straight legs rolled up, or dresses. So yeah, pretty much everything. Plus they're Clark's, so they last forever. Some things are worth spending money on, and a good pair of shoes is one of them.


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I don't know why, but I keep trying to buy Prana pants. And every time I end up frustrated. We are not all built like their models, and yet they continue to ignore this portion of the female population.

I have curves. Prana insists on making their pants so low-cut, there is no size that could ever fit right on my hips while looking ok anywhere else. I thought the micro crotch-hugging pant had finally gone out of style? And forget about bending over or actually moving in them. I went with my size despite everyone saying to size down because of how "loose" these were.

I'm going to continue trying to lose a few pounds and maybe they'll fit a little better. The length is supposed to be long so you roll them, so that didn't bother me, and they're definitely stretchy. But I'm just too frustrated with Prana to ever buy another pair of their pants.