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So I bought a TRS 154 the beginning of the season, it was ok, I was used to my old trice 153. I cored it through the topsheet without even noticing till the end of the day, most the time you feel when you hit something sketchy, not this time. Since I bought from dogfunk I wasn't too pissed due to they're return policy. So I exchanged for this trice 153, and got it two days ago. today went to Vail, again, didn't do over anything I thought risked the boards ptex, skipped the rocky tree sections just went down groomwers. Well at the end of the day I'm cored to the topsheet again. Again I'm sending this one back, and going Never Summer Evo, lib has gone cheap on they're bases obviously,although buying from this site guarantees me a new board if anything happens I can't go though 6+ boards a season, this boards reliability just isn't for the everyday shredder. Great deck but horrible reliability. Look elsewhere if you want you're board to last. Not stoked!!


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I love Mervin products, problem is every deck I get (4 so far) they delam because they're not fully wrapped edges... Good thing dogfunk has such a sick return policy. I break them, they replace them. Thanks!


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Yeah I had the nice black pair with gray lens's, broke them within 2 weeks, granted my fault, they didn't take a front flip in my pocket very well, other sunglass frames i feel can hold up to that kind of abuse. So then I buy another pair from dogfunk, and i am not exaggerating, I brushed against the couch with them in my pocket in my gym shorts and they broke in several places. I'll never buy from spy and I urge anyone to try any other brands for these aren't even 9 dollar gas station quality sunglasses. (which i still have for 2 years now) Thank you dogfunk for a sick return policy. I won't purchase anything anywhere else.