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I had previously been wearing a similar north Face lightweight packable coat as an under layer and had been consistently freezing my ass off.

This coat was purchased to replace it and it's my first O'neill piece.
Like night and day in comparison, this jacket is super warm, light and stylish. I have the blue.

I just wore if for four days at Vail with base layer and shell and was comfortable from 28-5 degrees in storms.

A stylish technical piece that is worth owning.


These goggles are perfect for bluebird days.
They look great + the optics are very clear.
Comfortable as well.
On days when the snow is dumping, theres a huge chance(due to the design of the goggle) that moisture will accumulate between the 2 lenses.
During a storm, snow ended up in the top of the goggles and Mine actually froze forcing me to go inside and breathe/heat in between the lenses to de ice them.
On storm days I'd go with the SPY platoon which has similar optics/field of view and IMO is a superior goggle.

situational goggle


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I got these shorts in my usual size = 32.

They were too small.

I do own 7 other pairs of Quik Boardies and they are all 32.

These simply run a tad smaller in the waist and are tighter all over.

The shorts themselves look and feel great as the blue color pops(pics don't do justice).

A 33 is on order so I would suggest you order one size up for your usual fit.


8 years riding
6'2 175lbs
2011 Rossi Experience 163
Burton diodes
Nike Kaiju boots

Breckenridge CO
34 degrees and sunny .
Nothing open but blue/green groomers(Breck is flat....It's ridiculous. A blue at breck is a green in Utah or Tahoe)

I've owned alot of "big mountain" boards over the years - Rome Design, t6, Billy goat, Jones flagship blah blah.
I learned today that for the most part they are glorified groomer boards for the masses and the Rossi is the first legit Big mountain deck I've been on.

It's a big mountain gun designed by Jeremy Jones for shit-your-pants off piste lines/hike to/ Jackson/snowbird/squaw and rides as one would guess.

The Flex is ridiculously stiff and also stiff torsionally. --- Hello carbon strips from binding to binding.
It makes my Billy goat and t6 feel like noodles.
The stiff flex makes the board a chore to turn even with diodes --- I can't imagine low end mush bindings on this deck.

Unlike my Billy goat which likes to turn, the Experience just wants to track straight and there is no speed limit.
Skiers, boarders, ferraris-- whatever, whoever.

All lost in your vapor trail.

At low speeds the board is lost and really starts to shine when you push it.

It's so damp you can probably run over a small child and not feel it.
Dampening is crazy - I think rossi uses some torsion box tech.. Who knows.

The Rockered nose is softer, but I never felt any floppy chatter that other reviewers had mentioned.
It cleanly tracks over chunder/crud/slop.

It's smooth and fast. You can hit face melting speed with complete confidence on any terrain.

The base is average speed. I waxed it once before taking it out and was pissed because my girlfriend passed me on a Cat Track on her Burton(I'll be waxing again tonight) - IMO Burton bases are extremely fast.

The Mtx is super aggressive - even more aggressive than the early Trice's from a few years ago.
You could probably hold an edge on granite--- Again, you're Jeremy Jones on a 60 degree face, you need your shit to hold.
The downside of this is the mtx is sometimes catchy when trying to rip a long groomer carve.
(I took a pic of the edges)

No problem riding switch either. It's smooth and predicable.
Hit a few rollers and all landings stomped cleanly.

We have no snow here yet, but Imagine it's a powder slayer. Clearly it's not an everyday ride for most.

All in all, it's an amazing board that I'm on the fence as to whether I can bring out it's true potential.

No doubt I'm going to use it on non groomed days I'm riding with skiers, hiking, wide open bowls on the backside of Vail + trips to Snowbird and Jackson later this year.

2011 experience


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I got my hands on these last year at the B sample sale and rode them the last part of the year.

- Feather light
- Extremely responsive--- one step above CO2.
- Super comfortable
- Great straps.

- Probably too stiff for park
- There is no lean adjustment lever(at least on my sample) - You set the lean with the highback and can't adjust it without adjusting the entire highback.

I don't touch my lean once I get it set, so after a few adjustments in Tahoe, they were dialed and good to go.

The response is ridiculous and the highback is mega stiff( I think it's carbon fiber - FYI, anything with Carbon fiber is cool)

If you want lightweight combined with insane response to carve big lines, this is your binding.

Freeriders dream.