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Anyone in a size 10 boot feel the Medium binding is too small? I ran a 10 driver X and a medium diode and feel the gas pedal was not totally under my toe, resulting in loss of toe side response.
Any one run a large Burton binding with a size 10 Burton boot? If so, do you feel too sloppy side to side? I feel a size 10 is stuck between a med and lg. arg...

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Any body who breaks the high backs on these bindings are complete morons. Humans can not break these binding while "snowboarding" unless in a wreak with a rock or catastrophic manufacture defect (highly rare). A chair lift on the other hand can snap them in two. Carbon Fiber is much stronger than plastic. That is why chairs can break them more easily. Carbon fiber high backs will break before they bend. Plastic highbacks will bend much more if a chair (and 1 or 2 adults) wrenches on it. If you are looking for a stiff responsive binding with no forgivness, look no further. I've brussed my tibia thru my driver Xs once (or twice) because I didnt see a ice chunck while riding at warp speed. I didnt wreck, the iertia traveled right through the binding. Be careful while loading on low chairs and dont step on the straps and these will last for years, even if you ride 70+ days a year. If your not one of the fastest riders on the hill you wont need these!


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This jacket is very warm, I use it at resorts only because hiking in it would be like taking a saline shower. Too warm for anything above 21 deg F. The best warmth for temps around 10 deg F. w/ one light layer, as long as your turnin hard. Fits a little big, I'm 5'10" 165lbs and a medium fit good except my shoulders were tight and the arm length was short. I traded for a large now its a little long and baggy but my shoulders love it and my sleeves dont pull up when I bend over to strap in. The pit zips are weak little zippers and always get stuck on the inside flap. It gets really bad when the zipper gets stuck and your ridding the chair back up in 0 deg F. But after a while I learned how to be very careful with them. I'm not sold on the riri zipper either because it can freeze lock. for instance, if is freezing up top on the MT and below freezing at the base, then geting back up top will freeze lock the riri zip. The jacket is sweet but it only gets 4 stars for the zips.