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While it was near impossible to catch an edge, that also proved true when you really wanted to make a hard turn, it was a bit difficult to maintain a solid carve on anything that was hard, but once up to a good speed, it definitely improved which i found surprising, but a testament to the "quick-rip". It was pretty soft and quite easy to butter and had a fair amount of pop to it as well. it was really fun in terms of buttering on rails, very forgiving when landing a bit off the fall-line coming off a jump.
I found it tough to grab an edge unless you got up to speed to engage the entire sidecut including the quickrip. Once you link a few good turns, it actually transitions edge to edge quite well and the flex of the board made it really easy to pop a high speed 180 on the groom and grab your edge back quick. It wasnt overly stable at high speeds, perhaps its simply the lack of camber to give you that locked in feeling. It was really soft and playful, true twin so switch was no problem. It felt pretty decent on a rail, no issues with edges grabbing (i did NOT detune it) when 50-50. The extruded base worried me a bit, but after 10 days, other than a few scratches that arent deep enough to see post-wax, no damage!


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This board is a wide waisted C2BTX board built by mervin. I only had it out for a few days this year, but it was a blast when I was on it. The magne makes it super stable on hardpack and icy slopes, which helps balance out the rocker in the middle which can be a bit unstable on flats and hardpack low slope. Where this board really proved its worth was surprisingly drops/jumps into powder. It was really stable on landings and never took a nose-dive. The profile was amazing in pow, even though this is marketed as a freestyle board. This is a great board to have if you are merging the backcountry/big mountain with freestyle riding.
It is fairly stiff for a freestyle board, but can still can give you plenty of pop...it's a bit on the slow side in terms of response due to having such a wide waist. Super fun board if you are looking to have a board that can handle some big features for freestyle.