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These vs. Flow NXT AT?
I currently ride with Flow bindings, but need to downsize my boot by 1 size, which means I'm gonna have to swap my bindings because they will now be too big for the boots. I have a friend that digs these, but he's never been Flows before. Anyone out there have experience with both and a preference for any reason? I'll be using these mainly for pow and freeriding. I'm trying to decide between these and the Flow NXT-FSE. Thanks!

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I own the '09 NXT AT's and love them. I haven't gotten to use these on the mountain yet, but took them down a hill by the house the other day just because we got a little bit snow. Anyway, I REALLY dig the way flow tricked these things out over the standard AT's. Where the AT's have ratchets on the inside of the binding, the AT SE's have an adjustable fixed position instead of the ratchets. Setup after traveling will be way quicker. I can't really say much about the "rocker", yet. I will say that the new flared bottom of the highback makes it WAY easier to lock it in. I didn't have even the slightest bit of trouble with it. With the '09s it can be irritating to lock in at times, but it doesn't seem to be an issue with the '10 line. I have '09 Ride Ful Boots size 9.5 and my AT's and AT SE's are a Large. LOVE MY FLOWS!


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As one reviewer said, because of the number of adjustments on these bindings, it might take a few runs to get them how you want them. Get lower model if you're a beginner. After tweaking mine a few times, transitions have become almost effortless. The only waiting I do is when my friends are all on their butts taking forever to strap in. I am a little disappointed with the strap adjustments on the toe-side of the baseplate. The screw loosened during day 4, but I'll just put some threadlock on it and it should be good. I tried a demo board that had mission bindings, and I wasn't impressed. Step, Lift, DONE!