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Got the glazed/purple ones ... lens colour is fantastic ... similar to the rayban green/brown ... makes everything brighter but not a strain on your eyes.

The size if them is perfect for me ... I have a large head, tend to fit a Smith XL helmet and XXL helmets for DH biking do fits my face very well.

They stay put on my nose bridge too unlike some previous oakleys I've owned and since I got them 1/2 off it was awesome!


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I've had this bag for 4 years and ... just replaced it with the Freemont pattern. Looks like they improved the wheels compared to mine. The new pone has skate board style wheels while the old one was more roller blade type.

The new ones look more stable. I find with this size when I pack it full to the brim it always comes in just under the 50 lbs mark! Perfect for travel! Fits everything and has awesome pockets and compartments to organize your gear.


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I've owned this helmet for about 5 years now and it's fantastic! Best fit/comfort of anything I've had so far and the vents work great.

Over time the brim portion has come a bit loose so it's not on there quite as sturdy but that was from hauling the helmet in my boot bag over many day trips and travel trips. I'm retiring it this year and picked up a new one ... same on different colour! The new ones have a nicer retention system which is a dial, mine was a pinch together system ...

Overall a kicka$$ helmet!

Great Fit and Comfort