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UPDATE 10/24/09: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I just removed these from my board as I have upgraded to better boots with a smaller footprint and didnt need these anymore. I havent even riden on them yet---they were only mounted on the board. Thank god I removed them! Around the screw holes where you screw them to the board there are cracks radiating out from the holes molded in the elevators. These are not just small little cracks, but stress cracks over an inch long in length. It looks like a "starburst" around the holes. I fully believe that these wouldnt even last a day, and if they to were let go while riding they would cause serious injury. Like I said----DO NOT BUY!

So I just installed these on my new board, and I am not totally impressed. The plastic used doesnt feel like it will hold up for more than one season, but I unfortunatly already used the screws to try to mount it, and therefore it cant be returned. When strapped in and trying to move the board, I can hear them squeeking under my bindings, which is a little unsettling. I havent used them on a mountain yet, but they seem like they definitly help to get the board on edge. Also, the holes you use to mount the bindings onto them arent centered, so they stick out more on one side more than the other....it just looks like they are cobbled together. I have read a lot of great reviews of them, so I guess we will see, as my initial impressions of them arent that great.Oh yeah...you mount them loosely on your board, then pull the "flaps" out towards the edge of the board to get the right angle/stance. However, if you ride like me (12front/-12rear), when you do this to the back elevator it only turns to give you (+) degrees of rotation! Why they didnt make one for each is beyond me. I had to play with it to turn the disk inside the flaps to get back to the (-), which is hard as the "gearing" inside really doesnt allow for that (you can see the gearing in the picture).I have a funny feeling I may just end up buying the Palmer PLS system pretty soon.

Update--DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!  Burton will be contacted.