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I wrote a first impressions review awhile back. I was skeptical, but bought them because a reliable source vouched for them. Now I have ridden them in AZ and Keystone, and I can say they are the worst bindings I have ever seen. Here are some fun things to look forward to if you b uy them:

-They do not tighten all they way, but instead the ratchet SKIPS OVER teeth on the strap at a certain amount of tension.
-They actually LOSE grip during the day, and need to be re-tightened (as much as they will allow)
-The highback lossens after ONE RUN, and wiggles around in its adjustable slots

The FIRST day I wore these out, one toe strap came OFF. Completely off. I was lucky that I noticed it and found the pieces, so that instead of riding with my friends, I could go find tools and repair it in the field. I will NEVER buy TechNine again. No matter how I adjusted the bindings to fit my boots, these were the biggest let down and waste of money ever. Tie your feet to your board with shoestring before ever buying TechNine MFM Pro Bindings.


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I like this jacket a lot. The only thing is I wish it fit better. For some people it may fit fine, but I like my jack to almost hang down past my hips. So where the arm length is perfect for me, the length towards the ground isn't long enough to my likes. It will work tho. Seems very warm. I like the faux fur, and the inside design is SICK. No powder cuffs, so make sure you wear gauntlets in pow. No media pocket either, but you can rig it up I'm sure.


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Ok, I haven't taken these into the pow yet, but here are my first impressions. I am 6' 155lb and the Medium fits great. I got the Painted Plaid Ne, but BEWARE they are NOT black like like they look in the picture. They are a dark denim BLUE color. IDK how they got that picture but it really screwed me up when I opened the box. Also, you'll notice in the "see other views" pics that there is a little volcom stone badge sewn on...it literally tears right off. I BARELY tugged on it 2 minutes after unwrapping these pants and it just unraveled. Ok, so those are the negatives. Everything else seems to be fine. I won't know for sure until after a few days on the slopes, but they seem like they will work pretty good. Glad I got them on sale. My first Volcom pants, hope they don't let me down


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I like it so far, but I haven't taken them to the mountains yet. IDK if this is just because I was messing with them inside or what, but it seems if you tighten them, the ratchet sometimes slips and won't tighten any further at a certain point. This has me worried, but I was recommended these bindings by someone who knows a lot about bindings and is very trustworthy...I'll have to wait and see for myself