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Great pant, 15K waterproofing is good for every situation short of synchronized swimming. The fleece lining the butt and knees is pretty much all the warmth necessary too, at most you might be able to use some mid-weight long underwear on a subzero day. Pockets are great, except the buckles on the hip cargo pockets are very chintz, first of all they're all show, because they're actually snaps underneath, but mine broke off within the first week. And now those buckles are taking up room INSIDE the pockets, so I don't loose them. Not that you need them (they're just snaps underneath anyways), it's just like the chrome coming off a new bumper on the first drive, it's still sad. I have the mocha colored, and at first I thought the striping stitching was gold, but it turned out to be a rainbow colored thread, but looks even more sick than the gold would have.

I'm 5'7" 145lb, usually wear 30-32" waisted street pants, but like usual for Burton, a size small is still copiously baggy, just barely not stepping on the backs with my heels when walking, though a belt is still required.

But overall a great pant, kept me warm and dry this whole past season.

Ronin 2L Util Pant


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I rode this board in the season of 07/08 at the Stratton Demo for 08/09 season product. I was very impressed seeing as it was first season DC was making snowboards, and the first time I was trying DC snow product, (though I was also trying some Judge's on for footwear at the same time). It did get a little soft when doing real downhill with speed, and didn't have too much float in the glades, but it was a great ride all over. Most of it was probably because I mounted the stance a little wide, thinking I'd be riding park, and it was a pow day. Just bought one for this season, and the christening run down the yard was great.

Overall a great board, but lacks a little if you're trying to carve, bombing an ungroomed slope, and keeping steady float in deep pow, but overall a great board. 8.5/10

Little soft, but solid.