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I hate accessories, watches or necklaces or sunglasses, hate 'em. I also never seem to be able to find sunglasses that i look good in because I have a big head and big face.
But these sunglasses have converted me. after a minute on my face, i forget they are there. The vision is crystal clear, they block the sun from all angles, and they look damn good.


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Hey, I was looking for a good bag that would work for school and skiing. I mostly ski in the north east, so im not doing a ton of BC skiing, i probably will never carry a shovel or any of that with me. But i would like something that can carry my skis on occasion and my books for school. I have a backpack for school that's about 2000cu in. and when i wear it, it feels like it would just be to big to ski with, and the chute is bigger. so i was looking at the Dakine Pro 2 pack for skiing but i like the size of the chute for school. Does anyone have any experience with either backpack? any info would be great. Basically i need to know if this bag would be to big to ski with if im not a huge BC skierMichael, i look at all the dakine bags and am set one these two. The heli pro is much to small for all my school stuff

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3 gloves in one, its the best. on the cool days, the liner inside will keep me more than warm enough. On a colder day, the glove without the liner will keep you very warm and dry, and when its getting in the single digits and below, the glove and liner keep your hands warm and sweat free. I have not had a problem with cold hands since the day i got them. they also keep the water out very well and dry quickly if any snow gets in.

my only complaint is that they are a tiny bit big. the liner fits perfect, but with the glove, the fingers are a little long. but i can easily live with it


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Ok, well i picked this up and SAC and it was like no other. I'v tried on some Burton hoodys that are water repelant, but they fit all weird and look stupid with huge Burton logos.
I also for the Oakley Climate Change but returned it. It was really water repelant, but the inside material was kinda weird, and it was a really stiff hoody. plus it was really expensive
when i ordered this, i expected it to be the same as the other oakley hoody, but i was completely wrong. its just as water repelant, but it moves as free as any normal cotton hoody, and the inside is 10x as comfy. everyoen should get this hoody if you plan to ski in some warmer weather. its comfy, badass, and super water resistant