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The beacon itself is very clean, simple and easy to use. The display gives you no non-sense, easy to follow directions as you move through a search, and at the 2 meter mark it switches over to a fantastic pin-point display. The audio is great and the screen is backlit for use in low light conditions.

Searching: I wasn't overly impressed with the speed at which it acquires a signal in search mode. The range on this beacon is not top notch, but at 40 m I still find it adequate. Once the beacon locks onto a signal it is very easy to follow. There is a strange little glitch in the 5-7 meter range where it seems to stall and the guide arrows jump around a bit. I assume this is a point where it switches antennas or something. At 2 meters, the beacon switches over to pin-point mode which is actually really cool. My only quarrel with this mode is the intervals at which the signal beeps. You have to move a lot slower with this beacon in your pin-point than I'm used to with my analog beacon.

Bottom Line: This is a great beacon, but does stumble in a few areas. I'm hoping a software update in the future may correct the glitches that I've come across. I haven't experienced any issues in my beacon drills that would deter me from relying on this beacon in an emergency situation.


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I never used to be a helmet guy...in fact, I've purchased and tried to wear 3 other brands/models. This helmet on the other hand gets worn every day I'm out--whether sled-skiing, touring, or making resort laps, this helmet provides the safety I need with incredible comfort. It is well ventilated, lightweight, and it doesn't make you look like a character out of the old "Oddities" cartoon...you know what I'm talking about. Oh, and the brim is both fashionable and functional! On cold tour days, I can open the vents and leave this helmet on. The brim acts like a ball cap and provides your eyes a little shade. I love this helmet.