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I know that some of the older models had some issues but the board I have now is really smooth. It has some really cool custom bearings that the guys at GoldCoast told me have nylon ball cases and a white lithium grease, so my wheels roll forever. I'm stoked on this board. The Bamboo model is my next purchase for sure. These guys are definitely making better products now and I'm backing them for sure. Good skateboard, Good buy!


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I got these Goggles for my Son and although he's only 2.5 he loves them. They fit him great and stay on. They have 3 thermal silicone coating lines on the inside of the band that help keep them on his head. The best thing I found out is that my wife can wear them too. They fit her face just as well as they fit my Son's. I think this is a great goggle for little kids and hot girls who don't want a huge bulky goggle. They have all the same tech as the more expensive Electric Goggles but at about half the cost. They come in sick colors and good lens's. If your'e in the market for a second pair of goggles of even a first these would be the ones.



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I was lucky enough to ride one of the first prototypes of this goggle. I don't know why I was so stoked on it, Maybe because it looked simple and had rad lines or maybe because it was gray but regardless of the reason I was stoked when I put it on and rode a good solid day up in Canada (Wet and Warm) with them.

I've been used to the EG2, That is a rad goggle but sometimes just a little too big for certain stuff. When I put the EGB on I was surprised at how large the viewing area was given the small frame. The other thing I was surprised at was the ventilation on these goggles. The mesh is lighter weight which allows them to breath better then the denser foam packed styles. It's a damn good thing too because I was sweating my ass cheeks off. Even still no fog up. Thats a big selling feature for me. Over all I think this is the best Goggle you can get for under $60.00. They did a great job on the look, A great job on the function, and an awesome job on the price. This ain't a budget goggle... It's an inexpensive necessity that you'd be an idiot to pass up. I guarantee if you slap a pair on your face you'll be pumped.