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I got this beast-mobile in black, on black, on black. AKA murdered out. I'm lookin' tough as hell in this clean hat with a simple, yet baller font.

Forget those hippie friends who don't realize Coal is just a rad company in the snow and skate scene and try to talk shit on you and their assumption that you support fossil fuels.

You're cruisin' for a bruisin' hippie, get out ma face, I'm tryin' ta pick up some ladiez.


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Leather, AND gore-tex? Word, homie.

Anything that's not leather falls apart too easy, these have been holdin' together like a boss. My fingers tend to get kinda cold on them real brisk days, but never too bad.

Waterproofing? It's gore-tex under leather, don't even worry about it.

A little pricey, but these are gonna last ya!


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Saw these in camo up on Whiskey, thought I'd give 'em a go.

The camo print is radder than hell, the fabric feels good, the inside is comfier than your girlfriend's boobs, the leg vents are subtle but do their job nicely, and the fitted feel at the knee make you look baller when you're stackin' footy.

Unfortunately, the only size option for me was XXL and even at 6'4" and 200, the bagginess is kind of uncomfortable for me. I gotta sinch waaaaay down on the built-in (sweet-ass) shoestring-style belt. Bah, my own fault.


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Holy moses, it's a pullover hooded sweatshirt.

I'm 6'4", about 200 pounds, and bought the XXL for spring shred. Wish it were a little baggier but I have that complaint pretty often, being a big goon.

Wicks water pretty well since it's 40% poly, so that's nice.

If you're looking for a hoodie, this delivers.


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I'm 6'4" and got these in an XL.
Pretty regular fit, I dig.

Pants are on the cheaper side for 20k material which is what pulled me in. Clean style, not too baggy and not too tight, somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, within the month of owning these the back pockets totally ripped open, as well as the inside front pockets. No more putting nothing in those! Thankfully there's 4 pockets up front, and 2 have held up.

Also, after about 4 months these stopped being very waterproof. I mean, they don't completely suck, but you definitely feel a little damp on those stormy days.

TLDR; On the cheaper side for 20k, but you might not want to buy these if you're a 50+ day rider.


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Are you thinking about buying one? DO IT!

I take this mucka lucka out on cold days, and sometimes I take it out when it's a little warmer than I thought. No worries, you can wear this thing under your chin, over your chin, over your mouth, or over your nose!

Classic style, makes you look rad, nice and breathable, and warm to boot!


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My info: 6'4", 200 lbs. 10 years riding.
Got in an 11.5!

Well, I purchased these after I exploded my 2012 K2 Maysis. I usually go for a mid-stiff, do everything boot - this delivers.

Packing these boots out was pretty rough, but now that it's over, these feel real nice. The shrinkage on these is nuts! Makes my feet look like baby feet. These boots are nice and supportive, but...

I hate the speed lacing. Can't get them how I want them. If I'm screwing around in the park and want a looser fit, I can't get it without it feeling "too loose." So I usually just crank down on the laces, and still have to do it probably about 2 more times throughout the day.

TLDR; Supportive boot with a small footprint, but uggghhhhh... the speed lacing sucks!


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My info: 6'4", 200 lbs. 10 years riding.
Own these in an XL.

These be fresh! If you aren't into wacky-looking outerwear and like those earthy color tones, Homeschool makes some stuff you'll like!

Fit is pretty traditional, kind of on the boxier side. I wish these pants had a little more length to them, but being 6'4", I say that about everything I own.

Now let's get to the real treat about these, the Cocona shell. The breathability deserves the hype! These feel amazing and I've had no problems with waterproofing, even in the PNW! Layer up on a cold day, or get free ballin' on those warm days and let those babies breathe! The breathability on these pants is AMAZING and incomparable to anything else out there!

TLDR; Excellent waterproofing, retardedly amazing breathability, you have to try these to believe it!


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My info: 6'4", 200 lbs. 10 years riding.
Got in an 11.5 this year. Tight at first, but these babies pack out a bit!

When I checked these out I was stoked on the inner BOA system that locks your heel down - it's as awesome as previous reviewers make it sound! Add that to the fact that I was able to size down an entire size from my boots last year and finally get off of those wide boards and I was sold.

Now, I'm a 100 day rider, and here's where I've ran into trouble. It's been 4 months on these bad boys, and although they were treating me awesome, they've started to totally fall apart.

The heel on my right foot has completely worn through, and snow slowly packs in throughout the day either creating an ice chunk that adds a horrid pressure point, or on those warmer days my foot is completely soaked.

The stitching on my left boot ripped out above the top of my foot, so now the BOA system tightens all wacky.

Not to mention seam-ripping on both feet, so it's hard for my feet to stay dry (although they do keep warm.)

TLDR; Heel-hold is amazing! Sadly, these boots don't last if you're a 100-day rider.


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That review below was marked as dumb for good reason. Here's a real review.

My info: 6'4", 200 lbs. 10 years riding.
Got this board in a 159, my ride-everywhere size.

The Yes Basic is a price-point park or all-mountain twin that rips. Exactly as the name of the board says, this thing is basic - no fancy shape, no crazy construction materials, a little bit on the heavier side - but if you're looking for a board on the cheap, the Basic delivers.

Coming from a Capita FK board earlier this season, I find this thing to be much poppier while maintaining that catch-free feeling with the rocker in the tips. The rockered tips also make this thing a cinch to butter around and get goofy on, albeit it's no noodle.

Took this thing backcountry on the steeps in a powdery day as well, and it performed pretty well. Yeah, you still get that leg burn, but it's a whole lot better than a full-camber board.

Only complaints that I have with it are that it's a wee bit heavy, but for a <$400 board, it's to be expected a bit. Also, the top sheet seems to scuff pretty easily, but if you're a real rider this is something easily overlooked.

TLDR; Good price-point twin; RIDE IT, FOO!