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5 5

I bought this to replace the shovel I gave to a stranded motorist after I couldn't pull them out of a snow bank.

This shovel is light and with the telescoping handle detaching it makes packing very easy.

The length is good for me at 5'9" and I don't feel like I'm shoveling snow with a sand castle shovel.


5 5

I bought these when my ions broke down. I was very hesitant to spend 550 dollars on a pair of boots. It has been completely worth it.

The flex of these is about the same as the ions. If you like the ions then you'll love these. The detached ankle cuff thing really helps with articulation.

Even when riding my Jones Flagship I find these boots are plenty stiff on steep technical lines. However, this is very subjective.

Basically. These are the Ions brought to the next level.

Ohh another thing.

The Ions in the last couple years had really soft toe boxes that would crumple / pinch when you used non-burton cap straps.

The SLX do not have that problem.

If these hold up as well as my Ions I may end up buying another pair in 100 days or so.


5 5

I have two of these. One for myself and one for my fiancee.

They fit perfectly into any jacket pocket.
Are easy to operate with mittens on.

Generally perfect.

The only thing that has happened to my yellow version is a little rust from me not drying the bits off after a day of riding. totally my fault though.


4 5

I have a pair of smith iox and they fit in perfectly.

The only negative thing I will say is that the little flaps for your extra lenses aren't big enough for how large the iox lens.

That being said you can still stack your lenses in there and zip it up safe and secure. So it works but maybe not as intended.


5 5

I love everything abou this jacket except 2 very minor points.

1) The main zipper is a little weird and sometimes takes some extra effort to close. I believe this is because everything is brand new and will self-adjust over time.

2) The phone pocket inside the jacket is far too small for my Galaxy Nexus and my headphones plugged in. I couldn't imagine what people with an iPhone 5 or Evo X or something like that are going to do.


5 5

I originally ordered these in a size small and found out that while they fit (I have a 31 waist) that there wasn't any room for layering. So I opted for a medium and things are a bit more to my liking.

I used to run a lot of burton AK gear and the only thing I noticed different this year from last are the zippers. Only time will tell how they perform. I'll update this as the season progresses.