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I found these skins to be just ok. They do glide the best out of any skins I have used but they are just ok at going up hill. I would recommend gecko skins if you want something that glides and climbs well. Plus they are much lighter.


4 5

I LOVE the regular version of this board. It is the funnest board in powder ever. The split version of this is just the same when combinded with a set of Karakoram splitboard bindings. So much fun! There is one area in the splitboard construction where they could do some major improvement. The touring inserts are way to far back. They follow the same pattern as the solution in regards to spacing, but the thing is that board has a very different shape. It has not tail. So with the touring brackets being so far back you tend to sink on your tail a little bit when touring. The only area where it is a huge hassle is when you are touring up steep terrain and having to do sharp switchbacks. It makes it really hard to kick the tips around. I am almost contemplating re-drilling the touring inserts on this thing, but to be honest its not a huge problem. It's just something that would be nice to see them fix in future models. Again, this thing is so much fun to ride in powder and it makes touring in a the backcountry a blast.


5 5

This board absolutely destroys the powder! I have been riding for 20+ year and I have yet to ride a board that compares to this. I have taken this out on the deepest days at Mt. Baker where it had snowed 6 feet in 3 days and this thing just hovered me right on top of the snow. It has such a fun surfy feel to it that all I can do is smile big and hoot and holler when I ride this thing. This board is the best board to ride on a powder day at a resort. It not only kills it in the powder, but it does amazingly well on the groomers back to the chair. It holds an edge really well on hardpack and ice. This thing stomp big clif drops and handles high speed really well. If you want a board that will take you to the next level in powder riding. This board is it!



5 5

Best powder board I have ever ridden hands down. I have been snowboarding for 20+ years and this is one of the funnest boards I have ever ridden. I was a tad skeptical of its shape at first. It reminded me of what shape of the boards when I first started riding, but after my first run I had a huge smile on my face. This thing is really fun! It has a playful surfey feel to it and it floats you right on top of the powder. This is also the shortest board that I have ridden in years, but this board in no way comes up short. It handles great on the hard pack too. You get the thing on edge and it just goes. Nice work Jones. If you are thinking about getting this board, dont hesitate. Get it. I promise you wont be disappointed.