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I ride with the Rogues in Liq.Tang/Red with the ionized lens and haven't regretted them except for little occasions with wind seeping in the sides. Of course the air flow was only a problem when it was extra cold air, it was refreshing a few weeks ago in the warmer weather. Aside from that, the lens is clear in a wide range of light during the day (wouldn't recommend these at night).

Dig 'em.


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This boot blows. No support, horribly uncomfortable due to crap material and padding. I read previously that the optional heat molded pads weren't worth adding due to the fact that the footbed is hard as a rock. I got mine in Breckenridge when my other boots wore through mid-week and made a little bit of a hasty decision. Don't waste your money.

I plan to throw these in the first fire of the summer and dance.


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I ride the 2009 CTX and love the ease of hopping straight onto the hill right off a lift when I'm on groomed runs at Boyne Mt (MI) but the binding was a bit of a problem when riding Blue Sky Basin (Vail, CO) and Breckenridge (CO) back country due to the uneven ground. The straps have a super-grip rubber covering that makes them super difficult to unstrap inbetween runs when the ground isn't level enough to cinch easily. Very comfortable, responsive ride when strapped correctly.


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I LOVE the K2 Zero! I rode this board ~30 days over the 2009-2010 season and never regretted spending the extra money for an amazing upgrade! I didn't get the opportunity to mix it with the AutoEver bindings but I've been riding it with the K2 Cinch CTX and they're awesome for quick action.The only problem I've noticed is that the softer material on top shows a decent amount of wear fairly early, not that it changes the ride (forget about stomp pads too! it grips your boot perfectly).

Perfect carves
Super-light and mildly flexible
Best for powder runs over pipe