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i got these 4 xmas. id wanting them for awhile, so i was excited. 1st time i used them, they were great, but after about 2 months, they started to make a rattling sound. maybe i turned it up too high and cracked them, but i should be able 2 make it as loud as i want. if you tilt your head at all, they slip off. i wanted these, thinking theyd b tight enough to snowboard, but i can barely bend over to pick something up without them falling off! the size adjustments on the side are also very loose. if ur not really careful, ur hair will get stuck in them, and youd have to be a brain surgeon to get them off without it hurting when that happens. i read online that earbuds only cause hearing loss if theyre turned up too loud.duh. they suggested to have the volume on ipods and mp3 players at half volume. id say if u want phones 4 sports, get the more comfortable of the clip-ons (jvc makes some nice ones). if ur looking 4 travel and everyday headphones, get some bigger ones with more bass tolerance. i still wouldnt turn them up very high either.


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This is the best coat i have ever bought. the only downside is that the audio pocket is closed with a zipper, and its inside the coat, so u have to unzip the entire coat to change the song. other than that, this coat is great for shredding the slopes or just everyday use.

ps: black fir tree looks great.