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I got these boots a half size larger since I've had numb toes in the past. After wearing them around the house a number of times I found proper tightening of the liner helped me avoid lacing them up too tight. Though tight, they were comfortable. Then I got them onto the hill.

While the boots packed out well and are quite snug overall, my right foot did have the outside ankle issue someone else mentioned. It wasn't rug burn, just an annoying pressure. I have a few different socks and it happened with all of them. The ankle didn't hurt once the boot was off and, by the 5th day, I think I started getting used to it (boot started adjusting?).

Additionally, my toes got numb, especially on lifts. My left foot warmed up one riding, but my right (my larger foot) stayed tingly. I thought it was my toes getting squished but the boot tip was cold when I wiggled my hand into the toe area. I think I'll look into the heater as the boots are a little too snug still for foot warmers.

Overall I really like the boots! The velcro on the liner is brilliant and goes a long way toward keeping me riding comfortably. The quick lace also works well, especially if you wiggle your foot to get at the lower area. The outside laces are a little slippy, but lacing them 1-3-2 on the hooks helps them from creeping up. I'd recommend these :)