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If you just want the basics this will get the job done. However, you really dont have too many options with 90 or 88 degrees. Some people prefer a broader range of bevel. I find that you have to keep adjusting the file, particularly while doing the bottom edge, or you will be tearing into the base of your board. Compared to more advanced files that pretty much do the same thing you cant beat the price.


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This jacket is amazing. A few times riding temps were were around 40. I stayed cool with all the zips open while everyone else was practically naked, stripping off their jackets. When the mercury dropped into the sub 20's it shrugged off the cold with only a T Shirt underneath it all.

The Heated Liner is alright. I only turn it on when I am bunkered down while waiting on the lift. The Control for the heater isnt fastened very securely, it turns off the heat when disconnected. Normal riding usually makes it come off. Accessing the control is also cumbersome since you have to unzip to get to it. A little tape is a quick fix and the battery last a whole day continuously on the low setting. The heated liner does nto provide. It uses heat patches in key areas. Such as the chest and the Back, which is all good as long as your core stays warm so does your extremities. You can dial in The Temp High Med Low Front/Back or Both.

**Contrary to the site specs. It does have a Powder Skirt. It does not have a puffy liner, its comes with a fleece hoodie. Also the sizing chart is way off.