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This hooded sweatshirt does serve its purpose. It is warm and light to wear on the top half of your body. The material itself has no areas where the cold draft can penetrate and cause a chill on ur spine. It has pure blockage of that sort.

The hooded sweatshirt does not cause an amount of heat discomfort generated by the body heat of your own body, with the eradication of sweating if light clothing is worn underneath the hooded sweatshirt. It is a loose fit, not slight in being tight. If you want a tighter fit, I would recommend you go down a size. The hooded sweatshirt is an eye turner if co-ordinated well with color matching clothing similar to a feature colored wall. The sweatshirt also looks great with a beanie on top as well, regardless of color chosen by a customer. It does snuggle around your chest and feels great on the body.

Overall I am definitely pleased with this purchase. I highly recommend it.


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This T-shirt is awesome. It fits perfect on the body and it is not to loose. This T-shirt fits well with baggy pants of any brand, being cargo pants of colors of any, such as white, grey, black and of course with the DC Banshee pants that I bought from another retailer via the web, which is a Lichen Green. But the T-shirt itself would suit any colored pants such as the DC snow pants range on this website.

This T-shirt goes well over long sleeve tops of any color, and complemented with a colored beanie of any brand and a pair of goggles, which is my style of street dress.

This T-shirt and its logo really highlight the T-shirts appearance who looks at it and boy do they ever. The T-shirt logo is not big in appearance like you get on other DC T Shirts, a reasonable size.

It is very comfortable and nowhere near to being tight on the body, like a body glove top such as the brand name SKINS. There is plenty of room for ventilation throughout the top half of the body, and the sleeves do not rub against the underarms causing irritation at all. When you wash the T-shirt, the color does not run and fade and so far, it has been washed at least 5 times since I have purchased it and the color shines.

Overall I highly recommend this style of DC T shirt and condemn the other styles as they are far to loose and the logo is way to big. DC Shoes should invest and produce these types of T Shirts period.