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Picked these up at a little below half price from Whiskey Militia in the DCP Signature colorway. Good goggle in general, and the yellow mirror lens works more or less as advertised: good for partly-sunny to overcast. On a bluebird day things can get a little bright, but the yellow tint really is pretty solid for flatter light. The face foam is good, and the fit is comfortable with or without a helmet (big nose, big head, medium-sized face otherwise). The frame material is softer than what I'm used to from Smiths, which I guess might help it conform to my face a bit better. The strap pills pretty badly and the sewn-on logos started coming off pretty quickly. Fogging is probably a bit worse than my Smith Fuses, but not too bad. In the end, these goggles have ended up being a backup beater pair for work, and definitely haven't replaced my Fuses for every day use, but if you can get them for cheap they are absolutely more than adequate.


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I'm on my second pair of Fuses now, the first having lasted about four seasons before the face foam started disintegrating completely. I picked up another pair last year, and I've put 120+ days on them the last two seasons and still going strong. I'm out working whether its 30 below, 25 and bluebird, or 40 and raining, and these goggles haven't let me down. Fogging isn't a problem as long as you do what you're supposed to (don't stick them on your head when you're sweating, and once you're outside put them on and don't take them off ever), and fit is great over a hat or with the various Boeri and Giro helmets I've worn them with (big nose, big head, medium-size face otherwise). I wear these goggles every day, swapping between the Platinum Mirror lens for brighter conditions and the Sensor Mirror for boxed in or flat light, with clear lenses for night riding. Both the Platinum and Sensor lenses perform wonderfully, with enough overlap that I can put one in in the morning and be OK even if the conditions change during the day. The Sensor in particular really makes everything pop in flat light. All around, these goggles are a great purchase, especially if you find them at half price on steepandcheap or tramdock at the end of the season.