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I've ridden this all season in every type of condition. Deep pow in the trees, corduroy steeps, and powder filled chutes, and I haven't found a real weakness for this shape. I love how short it is, I can whip this into a turn like no other. I love how surfy it is too. Holds an edge on ice. If you're riding switch a lot this board won't be great but that's not why you pick this up. You pick it up to ride POW and it kills the fluff but don't feel like you have to put it away when the snow firms, I haven't.

I'm giving this only 3 stars though for it's durability. No, I'm not the gentlest on boards but I'm on my second hovercraft this season. The first had an issue with the tail aluminum insert dis bonding and now my latest has the base dis bonding. These both happened after impacts with rocks but not overly damaging impacts or at least ones that haven't done the same to previous boards. The base Ptex mostly held up after each impact.

Not just a Pow Board


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such a fun board. I've been riding this almost exclusively these days since luckily tahoe has been getting dumped on. It really does float as advertised and it's super responsive. I'm a big guy, 6'4 230lb and i ride the 168 no problem. I love snapping of natural hits with this thing. so fun. Sadly I slammed a hidden land mine and tore through to the core. The base seems a little thin on further inspection but i guess what do you expect when you bomb onto a rock.


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I have to say that I will never buy another snowboard boot. I've had the malamutes for 4 seasons and 200+ days of hard charging and they get more comfortable every day of riding. I"m 6'4 240 lbs and lay every ounce of it into every turn and I revel in the stiff response I get. From powder to groomers to hard pack steeps I swear by these.