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I've put 40-50 days in since I got my 2012 XL Ride EX's, and I know that's above average usage, but these bindings can't stand up to punishment.

The feel is excellent. The low highbacks feel secure and confortable, and the metal frame is really light and sturdy. The fit is pretty tight, with medium flex.

A number of components have failed on these, though. The "quickdraw" ratchet (total b.s.) requires nothing less than a well placed karate chop to release. The right toe and heel strap ratchets are on the verge of totally failing. Also the gel mesh on the toe straps will fray and rip from normal usage, so you're a little screwed (sorry). The footpad will melt and rip and stick to your board. The metal components (screws/ washers/ discs) have experienced alot of rust. And finally if you have big feet, the toe strap tends to pinch in the toe of your boot and can cause some minor digit squishing.

These are light and strong, but definitely NOT durable.


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This board is the answer for bigfoots to break into freestyle. Oh, you thought you had to sacrifice flex and pop because of your enormous hooves? Nope (Chuck Testa).

The amount of flex is incredible, and this thing is so light and easy to pick up and swing around. The BTX and asym heelcut do their job; You won't even notice them. I found it to be chattery at high speeds, but I brought my feet in from maximum width to a slightly narrower stance and that smoothed out my ride alot.

The Park Pickle made me a better snowboarder, and I normally hate pickles.


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Bigfoots lament no longer!

This is a wide board that with make you feel like you are snowboarding for the first time. So flexy, butters and presses so easy, plus you can stomp landings wayyy harder. Also you can pop 180s with a twitch of your waist, its crazy how easy it is to spin this thing around.

This is a wide board that is suited for the park. Seriously. Get it.