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The Skytops are the first Supras I've ever owned, and they are undoubtedly the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. From the first time I put them on, it was literally like walking on clouds. They are ridiculously comfortable and one of the most fashionable and unique shoes on the market. I have worn them everywhere, for everything, for almost a year now, and they still look awesome. The heels are the only part that are slightly more worn down, which unfortunately is making the back Supra label look a little bit funky. But I beat the heck out of my shoes, and minus that one wear point, they practically look brand new still. These can certainly hold up for the long haul, especially if you clean them regularly and take care of them. I'm getting another pair in a different color for my b-day.

Dogfunk, please start carrying these in smaller sizes! I would love to be able to buy through you guys, but I'm only a men's size 7. Trust me, women and smaller dudes would really appreciate it.


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I haven't owned this for too long, so I can't speak to the long term durability of the set up at the moment, but I will come back and update when I've had it for longer.

That being said, it's pretty nice. The graphics are clean and minimalist. The bamboo is gorgeous and Gold Coast makes sure it shines. The clear grip tape on the top lets the natural wood show through and still has enough grit to make you feel secure.

In regards to flex, this board is pretty stiff in comparison to most other longboards I've checked out (Sector 9, Arbor, Never Summer). It does have some flex to it, and seems to be breaking in nicely the more I ride it. The set up is also heavier than the more flexible set ups from other companies. I'm not sure what the flex difference is between the bamboo model and the maple ones.

The trucks are Century 7" Reverse Pivot Trucks, and I haven't changed them out. I'm not sure why other people are having issues with them, or if something has changed with the trucks recently, but mine turn super smoothly. Despite the length/size of the board, the trucks make it extremely maneuverable. Even relatively tight turns are no problem, and I haven't had to adjust them at all.

The wheels and bearings seem to ride pretty smoothly as well. On flat concrete, a couple of pushes will leave you rolling for quite a while. I got white wheels with mine, and they look awesome with the board, but obviously get dirty super quick.

Overall it's a fun board to ride. It turns easily and rolls smoothly. It's more stable feeling than the flex decks, but definitely heavier, so if you're looking for something to flip around a lot, this may not be the right choice. You can do manuals and nose manuals on it, so that's fun. I'm sure there's a lot you can do with it, but I haven't had it long enough to test it's limits just yet. I'm mostly using it for cruising around and small hills.