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Product design is excellent as it always is with Nixon. But the quality is complete garbage. After usually about 2 months, the connection goes to crap, and one of the ear phones will go out. Something with the headphone jack. This has happened to at least 5 pairs of Nixons for me. This will NOT last, especially if you're an active person and use these while riding/ skating/ hitting the gym.


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obviously wearing these gloves are the most effective way to convey how much of a stud you are, but they run really small. I got some XLs and they really fit like a L or even M. Already have a hole on the tip of the left ring finger (a non-poking finger, mind you), but other than that, these are how you say, p*ssy magnet


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The color is great... although i may have been the last to get the green (huhaaaaaaa). The pants aren't the most waterproof, but they fit well. I got the medium and at 5'11" they were JUST right. If you're any taller than that, get a large. you might want to get a large anyways because the bottom rides up a little bit and it looks a bit floody. ruined some nice video clips i had. they sure do look righteous, though.


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This jacket is bad @ss.. i've gotten so many compliments on it in the 3 short days i've had it so far. i was just going to wear it as a knock around jacket but dang, i'll have to wear it when i'm out lookin for chickens. good stuff. just dont let me catch you wearing one in denver when i am