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I have a few pairs of Sorel boots and have always stuck with my regular size 10 (and thats what i'd reconmend to anyone to start out with, cause you can exchange it if its too big), there is a little wiggle room all around, but that is always good in case one wants to add more socks. Even with just one pair of socks on though i'm not swimming in them, and they fit just fine...But everyone is different, and with all of these different reviews it makes me wonder if there is some inconsistency in the sizing of the product itself, then again, the 3 pairs of Sorels I have all fit me exactly the same (i know thats a small sample size), but maybe some people might not know their real shoe size or are in between shoe sizes??? All you really have to do is go to their site (www.sorel.com) and click on a boot and then click on the size button and you can measure for yourself in inches or cm's what size you would be in their shoes...

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I really, really want to love these boots, wait, i do love the look of these boots. But they just aren't the most comfortable things in the world. I have been having some problems with rubbing on my right ankle and with something jutting into the back of both my heels after i wear them for about an hour or so. I guess the leather starts to rub? I'm hoping its just the initial break in period and that the leather will soften up. There is also barely any arch support, but on the up side, they are so roomy that there is plenty of room to add a gel or air insole for added support, which is what i did, and they are gorgeous with that thick fur snow collar; they just should've used more supple leather. I also have the Sorel Cate the Great's and they are a million times more comfortable than these boots, which i don't understand, cause when i hold them next to each other they have the same rubber bases, and seem very similar on the bottom. Something weird about the leather on the inside i guess....

*Now its a few weeks later and i have gotten them to soften up a bit from trying to wear them around the house whenever i can, but i must say, they didn't hurt me until after prolonged use anyway, so if these hurt you right when you put them on or shortly thereafter, i would say its a lost cause and def send them back to try a different shoe!


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I ordered these in black about a month ago and i have to say i absolutly love them!! They are warm and gorgeous, and made very well. The only thing that annoys me is that when I'm wearing them with skinny jeans, the inner elastic part of the boot pushes my jeans up the shaft of the boot and bunches them up so that I have to readjust my jeans every hour or so. But the look of them is worth the fuss...

I also have the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot and these are far more comfortable than them, there is really no break in period for the Cate's, whereas i am still having some problems with the Joan's and pain in the right ankle section.

*FYI, in some pictures the sole of the black Cate's look white, which i was nervous about, but when i got them I found out the sole is actually a light/medium grey color. You can see what it looks like on www.sorel.com.

I also saw a notice on sorel's site that these boots were noted on Oprahs show a couple days ago as being a must have for 2011! I def think so...and you will get compliments everywhere you go!