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Hey everyone, just wanted to post this in case someone like me is out there and didn't happen upon this yet...I wear these alot and walk my dog a couple miles a day in these when the temps are cold, and when you wear a rubber boot that can't breathe its gonna build up moisture somewhere in the boot. This boot does a fantastic job of keeping sweat/moiture away from your feet by wicking it to the outside of the inner boot, and that is where i found all of my yummy sweat the other day. The inside rubber was pretty socked full of moisture , yet the liner was still holding up and doing a great job of keeping my feet dry (barely any wetness to the touch on the outside of the liner, inside of the liner was totally dry of course). So, if you wear these alot (like hours every day) i'd recommend taking the liners out every day and letting them air dry overnight, also take out the orange rubber grid insole thingys that are under the liners so that you can take a paper towel or rag and wipe up all the moisture that has built up inside the entire rubber part of the boot. I just worry that if this isn't done at least once in a while wouldn't/couldn't mold/mildew and other great stuff start to accumulate in there? I know this sounds so gross but i felt i had to share...hope this helps...


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I really, really want to love these boots, wait, i do love the look of these boots. But they just aren't the most comfortable things in the world. I have been having some problems with rubbing on my right ankle and with something jutting into the back of both my heels after i wear them for about an hour or so. I guess the leather starts to rub? I'm hoping its just the initial break in period and that the leather will soften up. There is also barely any arch support, but on the up side, they are so roomy that there is plenty of room to add a gel or air insole for added support, which is what i did, and they are gorgeous with that thick fur snow collar; they just should've used more supple leather. I also have the Sorel Cate the Great's and they are a million times more comfortable than these boots, which i don't understand, cause when i hold them next to each other they have the same rubber bases, and seem very similar on the bottom. Something weird about the leather on the inside i guess....

*Now its a few weeks later and i have gotten them to soften up a bit from trying to wear them around the house whenever i can, but i must say, they didn't hurt me until after prolonged use anyway, so if these hurt you right when you put them on or shortly thereafter, i would say its a lost cause and def send them back to try a different shoe!


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These are a really high quality winter boot, and when i first ordered them (geez, this is a whole other story), my UPS driver left them at the end of my driveway at my mailbox right before X-mas and somebody stole them, but backcountry was amazing and sent a replacement set out right away...anyway, i thought that the inner boots were snug and hurt the bones in my feet from the memory foam scrunching them together (actually, when i initially tried them on for about 30-45 minutes they didn't feel too uncomfortable, it was the next day when i woke up and tried to walk that i realized how bad things were and that they had squished my foot bones!), so i had to return them...

BUT, I wish i had read the reviews about breaking them in and wearing them for at least a few hours (or many more) to let the memory foam liner mold to your foot since many other people seem to have had this snugness problem as well, so, i have since re-ordered them from a site where I found them at a great discount and after some initial dicomfort the first two days, they are feeling really good. Its now taken about a week for the inner boot to get to where i feel like it is totally stretched out and molded correctly to my foot.

I feel that they run true to size, as i am always a 10 in everything and after the memory foam has given, i even have a tiny amount of wiggle room now, so i would not recommend ordering up, just be patient with them. These probably wouldn't be uncomfortable in the beginning for the average person, as i have lupus and arthritis and semi-wide feet to boot (no pun intended), and alot of shoes/boots are uncomfortable for me. The arch support is fantastic, they are amazingly warm, seem well built & durable, and have really helped out with my Raynauds over the past week (no way you're getting cold feet in these, and i literally have the coldest feet on earth!). Thanks backcountry for your great customer service amidst all the chaos of the holidays!